Match raid adversaries based on Team Power (not cup tier)


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I was always under the impression they could be revenged while online but not randomly drawed.

Learn something new everyday i guess

Anyway you could point me to info regarding this?

I’m going by personal experience, mine and my allies. I can’t quickly find the staff announcement.

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Oh ok i was searching as well. Funny how they make doing well in raids more punishing than rewarding

The rule change to allow always raiding the top 100 was triggered by a few players who were doing something—maybe manipulating BlueStacks—to stay online continuously, thus securing permanent spots atop the leaderboard. Ingather that at least one of these players rage-quit after the change. The leaderboard has been much more dynamic ever since.

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Guess this is where i got confused @Kerridoc

Going by this post(which is the only one i could find from devs, searched through all their posts to find it) what you and your teammates are experiencing is a bug and should probably be reported

Since global rankings are based on cup count, I’m pretty sure that the only difference between using cups and using ranking for matching would be the size of the pool of players available for the matchmaker to pick from. +/- 300 cups might translate to +/- 50 rank at the high end and +/- 100000 rank at the bottom end since there are so many more players with similar cup counts at the lower end.

Maybe that difference in pool size is part of the issue in raid matchmaking, though, and I have wondered before if decreasing the cup differential for lower tiers would help. Even making it a percentage like +/- 10% of a player’s cup count (with a minimum to handle edge cases like 0 cup count) would work. It’s hard to say what the effect would be without putting it into practice, though.

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YES someone who actually understands it. Although your idea of decreasing the actual cup amount on the same line of thought and would also improve the matchmaking actually using the Global Ranking fugures would make more sense and be able to be more finely tuned.

But hey at least your on the right track.



Is your idea then that matching should be with someone +/- of your global rank? I’m at #82 now, so I could raid from #1 to #382, say?

Kinda what I’m understanding and have been understanding that from the beginning. I’m just still slow on how that’s any different from current set up and if just shrinking the cup range of possible opponents wouldn’t accomplish the same goal he has in mind

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Minor difference: it’s theoretically possible for someone to get so far ahead that he can’t be raided by anyone.

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I think this would make it decidedly tougher to climb to the top.

I have 2628 trophies now and at Global Ranking #4576. Without heavy flasking or buying refills, there’s no way I’d ever get to the top spot again.


Yeah, I wasn’t advocating for the position, merely trying to get a clear statement of what we’re discussing. Frankly, I don’t have any issues with the current matching approach in raids.


At first I thought @GuessWho was just getting confused between local and global rankings, but yeah it does appear they’d rather raid ±300 in global rankings.

I like that when you’re up to ~2700 cups you can roll the top 5-10 players.

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yes the current 300 +/- actually “talking about the middle to lower levels as this wouldn’t really afect the elite players at much at all” but the current 300 +/- would scan a range somewhere in the 10’s of thousands where as if for example you used say a 1000 +/- global ranking scan then your matchmaking would be on much fairer scale/level oand you would end up with a far more refined matching system than the current 300 cups.

The other aspect of doing this also would be that cup droppers would also be very much discouraged as you wouldn’t get for example (and yes I am going to use TP as a round fingure here in my explanation) you would get players with say a 3900TP dropping down 300 or so cups so they could raid and win against lower cup levels at say around the 3300 mark thus also increasing the (and coming back to GR here) number of player matching against GR’ed players with 100 to 150k’s lower (example).
Using a matching scale of say 1000+/- GR would drastically change the matching system to keep on a fairer level of player strength. 1000+/- still gives you a scanning range of around 2000 players which will still constantly change as you win/lose but at least you will know that if you got raided in that range you got raided fairly and not just drasticingly (new word, lol) demolished by a player with a GR 50 to 150k stronger than you.

Same here! But I was suggesting different matching system because

  1. it’s never been suggested from what I have read
  2. quite a few in the lower levels (and rightly so) still complain about this as they come up against far far stronger opponents for example a mid range 4 star team coming up against a fully developed 5* team because that 5* player decided to drop his cups. Now the GR between these two teams would technically be around the 150k plus difference between the 2 (round figures).

With the amount of members SG is attracting and constantly growing looking at a much more refined matching system will eventually be needed even if say the GR was set at around 1500/2000 +/- that’s still a scan of 3000/4000 players within a more even playing field and far better than an unfair cup range of 50/150k Plus scale it is currently at.

So how would a global ranking number be determined?

If(big IF apparently) current global ranking is based on cup counts and you dont want raid matching based on cups then wouldn’t global ranking have to be configured differently? Team power? Player level? Indivdiual war score(could eliminate cup droppin almost completely)?
Map progress? Cumulative titan damage?

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If I understand your question correctly.
The way the cups and GR number would not change one bit from it’s current format as there is nothing wrong with it as it is now.

What would change is in the background RNG’s matching system where it currently uses a variant of 300+/- cups atm, that would be changed to using a GR variant of say for example 1000+/- instead of cups.

So techincally the frontend player will never have a change in what they see figure wise either in cups or GR as this all implemented in the background matching system.

I hope I understood and answered your question correctly.

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So IF global ranking is based on cups then the new matching system would still match based on cups?

Matching a player within 1k count of current global ranking is still technically matching based on cups IF global ranking is based on cups(really wish a developer would confirm/deny that global ranking is based on cups)

I know this circles back to last night’s circle but that’s just what keeps jumping out at me

I don’t think there’s a way to fool proof prove that there aren’t 1k players already within an individual 300 cup count outside of the top 100

Plus i can still change my defense team and cup drop therefore drop my global ranking as well

I’m not against the idea of better matches within the raid system. Always want what’s good for the game. Just the way you’ve worded it so far is just a round about way of changing the system cosmetically without changing it mechanically

NO not really. It shouldn’t change anything except the way the devs refine the matching variant data in there program changing it from determining cups to GR score.

The rest wouldn’t need to be affected in any way at all.

An RNG works on how you program it to work by setting it up with parameters & variants which in this case it is told to use cups. Change that to telling it to read/use GR numbers instead.
All in the background changing nothing else.

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