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Updated the Ninja Tower blessings list graphic to highlight the rare blessings much like what I did with the Tower Of Magic blessings list graphic, @BlackZed.


Thank you.

I checked my actual NT list versus your updated guide.

I chose 5% health for N2. Your guide doesn’t have that.

The last NT in November had their blessings revamped. From what’s posted in beta to what’s actually live.

I believe your NT blessings guide is based on Beta. Not actual live game.

Ok, I am basing what was listed in the master topic for this event which most likely hasn’t been updated. Definitely want to get it correct. You mentioned your NT list so is this what you noted as you played through it as in your comprehensive list? Would you mind sharing it otherwise I will play through it for February in order to get the right blessing choices. I appreciate the help.

Unfortunately I didn’t itemise each and every stage for reference. I should have SS.

February then. Lol

No worries at all, we’ll get it right come February.

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Updated S4 Missions graphic and Ninja Family graphic.


Added the updated Clash Of Knights guide. The HP version will be added as soon as I am able.


Added the HP guide for COK.


Updated the S4 Missions and Family graphics.


Updated the Ninja Tower graphics to have accurate blessing list as well as the mob/boss levels at the top. @BlackZed (finally, :slight_smile:)


With the latest update, family graphics for Winter, Ninja, and Magic have been updated/added. Also updated Starfall Circus challenge event guides with updated family information.


I have updated my HOTM By Release image listing and provided a space for when costumes are added to any given HOTM. Added grading as it comes (Attack/Def/Titan/Overall) as well as year family bonuses info. Let me know if I have missed anything.


Guys, I know probably C Kadilen has been covered too extensively but I don’t seem to be able to find in this flood of materials what’s best talent grid path to take for her.

Would very much appreciate any advice.


Wrong thread to ask that. You should have made your own thread, but clearly, you’d go defense over HP over attack with c-kad.


Can you put up a March calendar thread, @Zartanis? Thanks.

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Yes, I am in the process of doing mine and once mine are done, the calendar thread will be posted. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to thank you very much for all of your hard work to help others out! You are very appreciated!


Great info thank you. Was looking for info on the challenge festival and found it here. With Finley, Kong costumes added to the bosses I wonder if they upped bosses health or other stats. This go round even regular enemies seemed tougher. Finely I had to try twice on epic. Thanks @Zartanis and all involved!


I have been taking a little breather from updating and adding guides, but have started to do a few updates:

• Tavern Of Legends includes wave and boss info. Quests are numbered for easy rotation.
• Added Family and Mission info for S5 - Dynasty Of Dunes.
• Updated the Troop Upgrades table. Thank you @Guvnor for the Magic Troop info.
• Updated Underwild Family and Mission graphics.
• Updated the Heroes graphic for Challenge Festival to include costumes released thus far.

What I am working on:

• Talent Grids (expect end of May)
• Adding waves to challenge event graphics (my apologies in advance to @PlayForFun as they’ll be some OP revisions coming, but always thankful for your efforts in updating posts with my updates!)
• Gargoyles Challenge Event graphics
• HOTM List to include updated ratings as the game has evolved quite a bit over the years.
• Mana Recovery Speed graphic to include changes to magic family and to adjust ninja and upcoming adjustment to slayers.
• Magic Family Bonus graphic
• Week at a glance calendar option


Ok, and thx :slight_smile:
Tag me in my master topics where an update is needed :slight_smile:

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