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Thank you as always @danenp. Oh, help me understand this one as I thought escaped titans have a different loot tier of D not B. I have seen different graphics for this one wanting a confirmation of B loot.

Happy to help, zartanis. Escaped titans only have grades of A, B, C, or D. Basically, according to this, on escaped titans, from 2* titans and on, A & B will get 2 ascension mat rolls. C & D will always only get 1 roll.

Another mistake on your infographic is that grade D on a defeated 2* titan should actually only get 1 asc mat roll.

Loot Tier Calculation :
T-L is Titan Level in the calculations, a 10* Titan would be T-L 10. Note: in game Loot Tiers are listed in Roman Numerals; I’m using common numbers for clarity’s sake here.


  • A+: T-L + 3
  • A: T-L + 2
  • B: T-L + 1
  • C: T-L
  • D: T-L / 2, rounded up


  • A+: does not exist on an escaped titan
  • A: (T-L + 2) / 2, rounded down
  • B: (T-L + 1) / 2, rounded down
  • C: Loot Tier 1
  • D: Loot Tier 1

You might also want to add very thin vertical dotted lines to separate/align the different titan * levels. :+1:


Are you on Line @danenp? Let’s hash out the edits there if possible.

Somewhat of a major update:

Talent Grids (includes new ninjas and Gaillard, Peñolite, minor edits)
Mana Recovery Graphic 2 (includes Slayers)
Ninja Tower (text edits)
Tower Of Magic
Elemental Wanted Chests (I have always had these, but after updating with BarryFarmsHere for optimum data (Thank you!) from Seasons 1–3, thought I’d include them.)
Underwild Missions

Working on:
Re-design of the Calendars (January start)
HOTM By Release
Titan Loot


Couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to pm in this forum, but I messaged you on line.

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Added Underwild Family Bonus. Updated Mana Recovery (added Morlovia Family Bonus) and Seasonal Family Bonus (Winter Family).


Small (cosmetic mostly) updates to Tower Of Magic and Ninja Tower graphics. Added qty varies for emblem/coin loot.


It would be great if you could add the number of mob waves to the stages


I can add that, no problem.

Added them @alonyor and the Tower Of Magic graphics have been updated. I will go through and add them to other event graphics that I have this weekend.


Added guides for the Challenge Festival, HP and no-HP.


Challenge Event guides have been updated to reflect correct HP values and monster elements in the first stage. Also updated the Tower Of Magic guides (normal floors 3 and 4 with correct monster elements on boss stage).


Hero Academy Training graphic updated to include all heroes that were added when v44 went live.


Would you have a list of the actual Ninja Tower blessings ? The live game blessings were different from those in Beta.

Thank you.

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Hello , can u add emoji tchat chart please ?

Yes, I can do that @BlackZed.

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Please see this thread @Sel, post #124:

@Zartanis. You should remove the old challenge event graphics (Teltoc, Grimforest, etc.) since they’ve been retired. :+1:

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Yes indeed @danenp, I just needed to do the hero/family graphic that combines everything in the challenge festival. All of the original 5 have now been removed and the Challenge Festival is featured just below the HP guides of the Challenge Events.

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