[Master] Wrong raid tournament loot

Yes, unfortunately, this happens quite often. You get a top 1% rating right after the tourney ends, but there’s a good chance you’ll fall into top5% until the results calculation is over, due to the adding of defense points which can place other players ahead of you. Final results calculation take quite some time, so, until the rewards are distributed, you can’t be sure of your final placement. I’ve had this happen to me quite a few times… a bit frustrating, I know, but fair…


Well that’s a bummer. Thank you.

I was really excited because I had never placed that high before, so when I got my rewards it was kind of a let down LOL :joy:


I guess being a first time event only makes it worst… don’t worry about it, there’s plenty wrong with this game, it’s not the end of the road.


Well explained @Ian487 , thanks :+1:

Bardic Post of the Day :medal_military: for useful knowledge.


It was a rare tournement! So that is normal!

explicam me como estava no top 1 e recebi a recompensa no top 5??? Cada vez dá menos para perceber este jogo!

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I should have 3 tokens,but I only got two.Why?

This is mine🙄.

You can only see 3* + material in recent activity, so those are only part of the reward.

Yeah, as all loot in this game, even best tournament loot could totally suck.

1%, 5% and 10% rewards are almost the same crap. Sometimes more emblems only.

Don’t take tournaments that seriously and don’t spend 75 gems without thinking first or you gonna get sad.

I wonder if they will balance war, tourns and raids loot someday in constrast with stronger and stronger heroes they’re releasing. Specially after s4. ALL game modes are getting harder and harder and the loot is just that same BS from years ago.

I think you received a 5% loot.

Probably in the first screenshot your rank is not yet updated.

I have more point than you and my rank is definitely 5%.

Hi everyone, first time typing here. I was in the 5% best in the last raid Tournament but I received the loot of 10% best . Not fair , is It a bug?
Has anyone happenened the same?

Same here , it’s embarrassing… and like always is ending with “ apologies “ . Big same again SG :-1:

Hi again, at least I’m not the only one :grinning: So I imagine we have to report the issue then,I recomend you to take pictures just in case,

same :confused: was 10% best in the last raid tournament but received 25% loot.

This is definitely still a bug. I received 5% loot tier, thought it was strange, and then went back into the raid screen and confirmed it showed me as 1%. This is clearly a bug. Even if it’s a refresh problem, it’s still a bug.

I reported to support and got quite the arrogant response (multiple times) telling me I was wrong that this couldn’t possibly be a bug because others hadn’t reported it. Not the first time support has treated me this way. Not like I don’t have an engineering degree and run a product department or anything…

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