[Master] Wrong raid tournament loot

you will probably find the final defense points increased the score of people below you more than it did you dropping your ranking
check what your final ranking ended up being it happens rather often

Thanks for your answer @Elegantsquad
My final ranking is displayed as Top 5% in the game still, as you can see in that screenshot.

I’m 1% in the tournament & got 5% loot

Same problem here, was top 5% and got top 10% loot.

Just write to SG via your game app… it will be solved soon today itself.

Happened to me earlier… was solved fast.

Finished the tournament in Top 1% and the rewards are for Top 5%. Kindly could this be arranged please as I have been incorrectly rewarded.

Close and re-open the game.

Tournament scores (much like trophies and leaderboard status) are not live-synced with the server.
They require certain invocations to sync.

You will likely find that the 1% ranking you are looking at is out-dated.
By closing and re-opening the game, this will force the scores to update.

If this still does not work, you should lodge a support ticket by following the steps below.
Options>Support>Support>Technical Help>I think I’ve found a bug in the game!>Was this helpful = No.

Having screenshots of loot will help support the claim.

I closed the game and reopened it and it is at 1%

Hi it shows in raid tournament im in top5% but i get loot for top10% how this happen idk?!

Does anyone knows how that happened?
Manny thanks

This has happened to me before. You can try contacting support, but the one time it happened, they gave me the correct loot in the inbox within the same day without me reporting it.

Edit : Just noticed that the score is different in the screenshots. Is the score on the left without including the last day’s Defense score?

The same here. Was top 1% and got 5% loot.

It’s not updated, please close the game and reopen it, and the correct place will be shown…
This happens because defense points weren’t added and calculated, you need to log out and log in to update your ranking…
it’s annoying happenned to me before but at the end of the day it’s just a “delay” bug.

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I got top 25% loot when I should have got top 10% . Anyone else had that issue ⁹

what rank did your defense get?

it needs some time until the placement is updated, if your defense is C/D/E grade it might be possible that you dropped down one loot tier

thats what happened to me sometimes

Got B defence . Oh well sure it will sort itself out . Someone else in our alliance got wrong loot too

Také jsem dostal jinou odměnu,než by měla být. Umístění v top1,kam mě dostalo propočítání deff bodů,ale odměna byla za top 5. Screenshot jsem neudělal.

Nejspíše za to může dlouhé přepočítávání…ještě před 20 minutami jsem byl v top1 za 14177 bodů na pozici 6425… Po nějaké další aktualizaci výsledků turnaje jež muselo proběhnout cca hodinu a půl po skončení turnaje,mi to hlásí top 5 a 19296 pozici…
Otázka: Kde se stala chyba??? :slight_smile:

PS: chci napsat aktualizaci svého dotazu,alen pry až za 37 minut…:)))

Why does it tell me after the tournament has ended that I am placed in the top 1% with 13,760 points, then the game turns around and gives me a loot tier reward for the top 5% with the same amount of points?

Does this happen a lot?

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