[Master] Where the harvesters now? Not in PoV

Legit, the few I got just sit in my inventory now. Idk if they’re trying to phase them out or limiting those to offers, but they definitely weren’t great if they’re only useable in S1 and every event post-Atlantis Rise is just gonna have the same “reduced loot” for “economy” reasons. So they’re very pointless items.

Even the Omnia Harvester, which increases everything, from recruits to food to iron to some of the farmable mats, by 50%, doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything. Unless it’s only useful in those lost 3 provinces, where I have to fight Old Dark Lord™ and his two minions every time.

I used most of mine at times, where there were content active in game that I couldn’t complete anyway, such as Towers etc. Then I just grinded S1 with harvester buff active :blush:

Elemental chests is a good way folk say to use aswell :+1:

I will use them in season 5. :money_mouth_face:

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Some players knew how to use them, and found em great for event preparation.

Yes I was one of them. I used mine up when appropriate. But we were in the minority.

This thread reminded me i even had them.

That true. Thanks for the reminder!! Went back to checking how many I have. Never used one.

I’m not sure what “some players knew how to use them” means. I’m going to be grinding levels so I need more food or iron or recruits or items. What’s not to know about how to use them unless they did it in Atlantis rises?

There are players who used them, and saw the benefit. And there are players who claim harvesters are worthless.

Ive used some but the returns were terrible

So, were harvesters eliminated from the game? I can’t remember the list time i got one from anything.

Removed when they added better items to the path of valor.

I’ve still kept mine like treasures, because inventory doesn’t have limited space and I feel like they are antiques since they can no longer be obtained :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


There was an offer with Omnia harvesters in second half of 2022. Don’t think it was popular. Doubt it will return.

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Right? I’m afraid to use mine, but they’re no good just sitting in inventory either… blech

What’s better than something that increases our treasures by half? Feels a little more like it was an award we could actually get ahead with, without buying

I still have a few Ham harvesters left. Waiting for the “perfect timing”: no conflicting WE- events/quests, no pesky WE-vampiric POV dailies, to use these last few when I farm S5 avatars.

Higher XP, 50% more ham, progress toward that avatar. What’s not to like?

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Limitbreaking aethers are better. Ham and items are readily available everywhere. I don’t think I’m in the minority thinking they’d rather have the aethers.

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Its not really a either / or thing. There’s plenty in POV that could be removed for the hervesters. I miss the harvesters as well.

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