[Master] Where the harvesters now? Not in PoV

I know why aethers are so loved. Quick gratification :slight_smile:

But harvesters were awesome. You checked the calendar. If it wasnt atlantis or valhalla days, you could run them on s4. Great way to prepare for events. Running them on good stages was very rewarding in my honest and correct opinion :sunglasses:

Not attacking aethers here. Just missing harvesters. Got only one food and a bunch of item harvesters left. They better be in them end chests!

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they definitely give an advantage, and I’ve used them a few times to try to get food/iron up for an HA retraining or an HL crafting… that said, I do prefer the aethers.

But I would be happy if harvesters became a random reward from chests, for example.

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Quick gratification? Items that boost regularly used heroes significantly is quick gratification buuuuut… a harvester that doesn’t produce much more than a bit of ham, iron, recruits or other used and gone items is not? I think you are misunderstanding what the comparison is my friend. But if you like the harvesters so much I will gladly take all your pesky Aethers off your hands for the dozens of harvesters I have sitting unused in my inventory. Deal? :smirk:

My sincerest apologies for my tongue in cheek comment. I know you said most :slight_smile:

However I do wish that SG would rebalance some of the items in the crafting. I now have more orichalcum nuggets than I have crude iron :man_facepalming: and the 48000 common herbs will never find a home.

Personally I have no love for harvesters. they only work if you are going to dedicate some time to farming over a 24 hour period. Hopeless!

Sorry if I missed it. I tried searching and have not found the answer and did not see it any update. Have the harvesters been removed permanently?

Yes removed. Players were not using them and did not find value in them. They been replaced with other loot (aether and more tokens)


They really served no purpose since they couldn’t be used for Atlantis Rising or Valhalla Forever

They were removed in the current POV as they are useless

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It looks like they got replaced by Aethers.

I think actually in the previous. If I recall, this is the second POV with aethers in place of harvesters. I found a post thanking SG for the change on Feb 14th.

@ OP, I don’t believe it was ever announced as a change, it just happened one day

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Happened back in February.

Thread discussing


Thanks for the replies. I found them very useful and I know others that farm heavily that used them. Such is life.

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I used them a bit as well. They were good for if I had a free weekend and hadn’t been able to farm AR for some reason

Nowdays, how we can obtain harvester ? I think they are gone from valor reward.

You can’t. I still have a few in my account… But with Atlantis, under wild, and Valhalla all at reduced energy… I don’t miss them all that much.

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Discontinued. Cos not popular with players.

$GG may sell them in the future if there is demand but that is unlikely cos we can now farm S2 to S4.

At least 9.5 days of farming for a player who has completed all 3 seasons.

Here, take it. In the 26 mths that I’ve been playing, I’ve used exactly 1 food harvester. I couldn’t be bothered with it ever since.

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: if only $GG allows us to trade amongst ourselves