[Master] Where the harvesters now? Not in PoV

Searched the forum, but to my surprise, found no outrage about this.

Harvesters dissapeared from the Path of Valor rewards…

Are they gone for good or will they be available as loot outside the PoV?


Replaced with Aethers. Most of us love the Aethers more :heart_eyes:


honestly, they are a failed addition the way they are because they are too limited in their usage and benefits:
1- cannot stack.
2- cannot be useful in atlantis rising and valhalla forever.
3- don’t reduce energy cost.

they aren’t farmable or exploitable, i don’t understand the limitations on them in the first place.

100% not worth using flasks for


Sorry you miss the harvesters. Personally I would trade all 40 plus of my harvesters for a handful of aethers.


Never used a harvester so far, nor do I think I ever will…


Disagree. I use em. Just outside VF or AR.

Aethers you can get from tourneys, offers, mirages.

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Ive never used harvisters with WE flasks. Dont really see the value in that. But sometimes if im having a quiet day and know i’ll be playing a lot of levels i’ll flick one on to give a top up for my effort

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This. Have so many of them, never used them

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I am glad the Harvesters are going to the dust bin. They really did not have much value as the newer seasons and hard stages just make it much more farmable. You could not even use them in Atlantis and Valhalla rises. Never liked the Harvesters and glad to get rid of mine! :grinning:


They listened for once …


I Tried a few of them, and I dunno…they seemed like they don’t make any difference. If they gave sth like 100% more, then maybe…


I agree with the others here. Pretty useless imo. I’ve got about 30 of them, and would swap them all for, I dunno 5 emblems?!


Those harvesters were worthless to me…aethers are extremely valuable however.

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I’m not sad to see the harvesters go. Basically useless for most of the player base. Especially since they were not useful during Atlantis Rises or Valhalla Forever. Removing harvesters and putting in Aethers was a good move.


i’m sad to see them go, but i understand that they went in favor of something the player base wants more, which is aethers in this case.

harvesters are just so representative of many things SG does in this game: generally good idea, big potential, timid execution. even with the expansion from just S1, they’re still not worth the 5 stars that the game designates them.


They aren’t useless to me. You have to know when and where to use em, is all. Using them on s4 works wonders when gathering food for pushing troops.

Almost nothing is useless in this game, if you figure out what to do with it.

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My 48,000 common herbs and 24,000 training manuals disagree with you.

Aethers are just more useful than harvesters :woman_shrugging:

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I wrote: ALMOST.

I was gonna ask if you use the Alch Lab, but am afraid to do so :slight_smile:

I did not say they were useless to all. I said they were useless to most.

I’m constantly burning ham just to get it out of the way. Overall it not about “knowing how” to use them. It about how functionally flawed the harvesters are and how little use they actually provide.

In the end I’ll take getting rid of harvesters for Aethers all day long. The new loot provided in this POV is a step in the right direction.