[MASTER] When the next calendar out 🗓️

Which is what you expect from a last minute panic.


Gambling Village @Oxide :joy: :shark:


Yeah, it looks like this was the “oh yikes end of the month already, let’s publish the draft and rely on forum posters to point out mistakes so we can fix it tomorrow” edition :stuck_out_tongue:


January 1st we all start a new calendar

Many, but not all. I.E. Chinese New Year 2024 (year of the Dragon) is the 10th February. :dragon:

Maybe that’s when they will launch Dominion of Dragons?

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The only issue with that is Chinese Dragons are very peaceful and never bring harm.

We confuse them too easily with Western Dragon which are the fire breathing bringers of doom!

Typical Westerners, well mainly U.K. and US, except they call it freedom and democracy.


It’s just been added. :smile:

SE when? 20 charsssss

It’s actually “freedumb”. Get it right!

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Looks like it needs to be claimed by the community (again!) …