[MASTER] When the next calendar out 🗓️

They won’t release it til the 1st. They did last months I think a couple days early but didn’t seem to be releasing til the 1st when they originally changed it. Either way it’s frustrating for the calendar developers to have to wait to make theirs as well.


SG knows, calendar is more informative but hardly used to plan anything in practical reality…. As is my experience…,:man_shrugging:t2::smiling_imp:

  • Knowing what event is good, but items will get made without the calendar.

  • Weekly Rare quest will come l.l. with that +/- days mention🤣 with or without the calendar…

  • Featured heroes, etc are theoretical info = no benefit in actual summons…

  • Events get announced a day earlier…. Only the name pops out when it goes live…

While I am not on SG’s side….who should have planned well…. I am also not impacted by calendar delay….

Cheers !


Our oracle gave some information about December events in tentative calendar. Hope this helps. Sg calendar yet to be released.

Found some of these in line :blush:


Im guessing it be out by sometime today i can see it :wink:

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The calendar should be in the top five of their priority list. I’d consider it late if it wasn’t out by the week before the month started.

We’re at the middle of January. This is the day that I would expect to have February’s calendar published. There’s planning to be done! We just got PoV which extends into February. We’ve started saving our gold tokens for future pulls. It would be really nice to know what February will bring… before February.

I propose a change to YOUR calendar which would get us our calendar by the middle of the previous month rather than the end.

It’s my understanding it comes out late because they want the correct info published. We all like it early, but the 50 posts every time asking why something didn’t come up gets tedious. I’d error on quality over quickness.


IF someone is paid to get this information to us then I can understand your frustration. However, It’s my understanding that the calendars we get are something done on a volunteer basis by people not working directly for the game/company or even paid. I might be wrong in this understanding but if I am correct then I appreciate the hard work that these people do in their free time and think it is downright rude and inconsiderate of you to make such a request of them. Have a little patience and lower your expectations and entitlement a little

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


I’m actually very patient. But there’s an element to this game that relies on planning. Setting a calendar isn’t rocket science. They can commit to one when ever they like. The “last possible minute” is an arbitrary deadline. Set it earlier. No biggie. The graphics are done by volunteers. I’m not asking them for anything. They need information, and that information should be available earlier than it has been.


Perfect. I suggest reaching out to the calendar creators so you can be a resource to help assist in getting this out earlier. I’m sure it will really help out our more creative member that make the calendar beautiful and easy to read. I appreciate you volunteering, we all can use more people like you that are willing to give your time so freely!


Thanks Chadmo… but I’m talking about the information they need… not the physical act of making the calendar.

Calendar folk did used to get a bit of a heads up on information on what was going on.
Things have changed sadly the info doesn’t come earlier enough … Bascially when sgg put there calendar on here they have a correct info we hope (as that has changed sometimes)

Honestly im not 100% sure that sgg know what they going to put into there calendar each month … Rotation days are out the window have been for while with a few expectations …

When its made its made and be greatful :green_heart:


After 10 months asking for the next month Calendar

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Last day of the month and still no calendar?

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Yep, disappointed but not surprised.

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It IS November in Australasia.

20 characters of timezones.


I believe it’s nearly 5:30pm in Helsinki; therefore I do not expect to see the calendar any time soon. :cry:

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I agree! They’re probably discussing whether to put Soul Exchange in December or before Black Friday again.

Edit - oh, here it is!

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…which pub to go to now the working day is over: :beers:


Or done from the pub…

  • 2023-11-13T07:00:00Z2023-11-15T07:00:00Z: Gobling Village :troll:

Gobling ??? :rofl:

( Yet another last minute panic ? :slightly_frowning_face: )


They also forgot to add black Friday summon and the rare quests that were supposedly changed to be “regular” so they could be added to the calendar