[MASTER] When the next calendar out 🗓️

Thanks Chadmo… but I’m talking about the information they need… not the physical act of making the calendar.

Calendar folk did used to get a bit of a heads up on information on what was going on.
Things have changed sadly the info doesn’t come earlier enough … Bascially when sgg put there calendar on here they have a correct info we hope (as that has changed sometimes)

Honestly im not 100% sure that sgg know what they going to put into there calendar each month … Rotation days are out the window have been for while with a few expectations …

When its made its made and be greatful :green_heart:


After 10 months asking for the next month Calendar

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Last day of the month and still no calendar?

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Yep, disappointed but not surprised.

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It IS November in Australasia.

20 characters of timezones.


I believe it’s nearly 5:30pm in Helsinki; therefore I do not expect to see the calendar any time soon. :cry:

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I agree! They’re probably discussing whether to put Soul Exchange in December or before Black Friday again.

Edit - oh, here it is!

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…which pub to go to now the working day is over: :beers:


Or done from the pub…

  • 2023-11-13T07:00:00Z2023-11-15T07:00:00Z: Gobling Village :troll:

Gobling ??? :rofl:

( Yet another last minute panic ? :slightly_frowning_face: )


They also forgot to add black Friday summon and the rare quests that were supposedly changed to be “regular” so they could be added to the calendar


Which is what you expect from a last minute panic.


Gambling Village @Oxide :joy: :shark:


Yeah, it looks like this was the “oh yikes end of the month already, let’s publish the draft and rely on forum posters to point out mistakes so we can fix it tomorrow” edition :stuck_out_tongue:


January 1st we all start a new calendar

Many, but not all. I.E. Chinese New Year 2024 (year of the Dragon) is the 10th February. :dragon:

Maybe that’s when they will launch Dominion of Dragons?

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The only issue with that is Chinese Dragons are very peaceful and never bring harm.

We confuse them too easily with Western Dragon which are the fire breathing bringers of doom!

Typical Westerners, well mainly U.K. and US, except they call it freedom and democracy.


It’s just been added. :smile:

SE when? 20 charsssss

It’s actually “freedumb”. Get it right!

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Looks like it needs to be claimed by the community (again!) …