[Master] We need more roster slots

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This was addressed in beta quite recently about giving extra space as more hero’s are coming out.
Hopefully they do :slight_smile:

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I disagree. I have 325 slots for a reason, strategy! Strategy is not only limited to battles but to all the resources that can be aquired in the game aswell. Just another give me something for nothing thread.

I strongly disagree with your disagree.

I don’t often complain about the game, but lack of roster space is a huge issue for me. As is the limited number of team slots.

The first discourages developing a bigger roster, and for many this discourages experimenting with any heroes that are not “must-haves”. It is also very much a QOL impact as I often find myeslf feeding heroes using less than 10 heroes at a time, depending on how many roster spaces I have available. At the moment I am feeding 4 at a time to C Elkanen which actually causes some discomfort due to the number of button presses, swipes etc. that need to be done.

The second discourages playing around with team configurations when raiding. I personally would take on a lot more different team configs if it didn’t mean that I needed to scrap one of my existing 5 configs and spend half a minute re-jigging all my heroes. And you really only have 2 slots to use for raiding - 1 is for titans, 1 is for defense, 1 is for auto framing.

I think it is wrong for any QOL-type improvements to be monetised in the game as it restricts people from getting the most from the game, which from SGG perspective also means at some level it impacts people paying for pulls which is a much bigger source of revenue for them


I presume like me you have all 15 team slots available to you, and yeah I agree more team slots would be great for playing around with team formations and I would happily pay for them just as I did for my roster slots (which I want many more of, my goal at the moment is to have 450 roster slots) I will achieve this! Eventually lol but like everything else in the game it takes time. I’m currently paying 450 gems for 5 slots. In reality that’s only 150 gems more than a normal pull and they are permanent. So many time I’ve said to myself damn a 3* wish I had brought some hero slots instead. So I started doing something about it. In the grand scheme of things they are not really that expensive (I spend aound $20 a month if I’m lucky btw) everything that’s given away for free devalues hard working players accounts. Besides if you give ppl 50 slots it won’t be enough to keep everyone happy and boom right back here again give me another 50 slots and again and again and again it will never end and the only people it will hurt are the hard working players

Just gonna bump this because SG you want us to keep pulling right? People will want more heroes if it didn’t cost such a ridiculous amount to increase roster space and you keep increasing the number of new heroes in the game. I don’t think your profits would be hurt if you just threw us a bone and increased everyone’s roster space like the OP suggests. Pretty please? :laughing:


The amount of slots is already way to small. Now with season 4 heros in the mix, it’s even worse.


you can buy some space

Shop → Resources → Hero Cap increase

Right. But it gets so damn expensive…

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Some free hero slots for all players at the start of a new season would be an awesome Quality of Life update!

I’m not holding my breath…


Totally agree. Five additional roster slots at the start of a season is how it should be done IMHO.

If that seems too easy, then at least it could be included in the rewards for completing the season.


How about Give 5 slots per l lvling up , how come I lvl up and my hero slots didn’t increase :woman_shrugging:t2:


This is even more relevant now that they have added so many new heroes for new challenge events and season 4.


Bump bump bump
Everytime we level starting from 30lvl let’s say, we should receive 5 more slots… as we grow, our rosters do as well. More heroes are added constantly but roster space is not.

I wouldn’t oppose paying with gems for extra space but at fixed price. I’m sorry but 350 gems (one special pull!) for 5 spaces is outrageous and i didn’t even hit 300 roster yet.
100 gems always for 5 seems more fair…

This is much needed QoL, i can hardly store any feeders now.


The maximun number of cards that a player can hold in the hero roster is just too small for the ultra growth(!) the game has…regarding the following facts: 1)every month a medium player gets around 6 to 10 (lets keep an 8) new cards (inckuded some 2nd same heroes) which means that by the end of each year he needs around 100 more places in the roster. That is almost 200 in the second year (!) And so on…
2) there must be an empty space of lets say 20 places for 1,2*heroes and trainers (in order to give same color when levelng and have some good chances of upgrading special).
3) even buying from the shop the extra spaces needed, until each new 5spaces cost 300gems, (which seems somewhat reasonable to stop buying extra places), the maximum number of cards that a player can hold is still too small…
Maybe, there can be an increase with some extra free places in the player’s roster that could be given by leveling or when a new season comes into play or when a new event launches or when… (any ideas are surely welcome)
PS. Fact is that these extra card places are just abit more memory banks (not even KB) for each player,
Don’t committed players deserve that? What do u think?

You mean medium P2P player right?

F2P can get absolutely nothing new for 6 months or even more(except 3* ofc), after over 3 years I have less than 100 locked heroes (with many dupes)

If someone can get 6-10 new heroes every month he/she probably can afford buying roster space or eat some trash heroes that they never use but I think that roster space cost should be reduced and have upper gem cost at max 200 gems (100/150 would be best IMO)

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With new season and costumes and events and new stuff even F2P get 5 new heroes a month!
Also you can check the earlier posts and also look again at the game progression!
Is too fast and slots are just…static (or to be paid as you falsy propose). Not fair at all.

Yeah,its all about rythm. And the rythm that the game progresses needs more and more slots! Or you can stay back and enjoy…other things. Is it a problem that I want to hold all the special 3and 4 cards appearing in the game that have a significance ? Τhats really a whole lot of them, costumes, events, seasons, families …etc. Later on Not to regret burning that special card that blends well into the roster. Also there is allways the fact that a player needs to have more than 20slots free space for spare 1and2 trainer feeders . Is that a fair request or not?

Ofcourse is a money driven game,yet, some vital requests of gamers are fulfilled in order for the game to go on (and earn more from the players).

I’d love if they implement “feeders” tab within a roster with 1* 2* and trainers. And a duplicate tab as well. In this way we wouldn’t waste previous space gathering heroes that are either waiting forever for their turn to be useful or waiting to be fed.


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