[Master] We need more roster slots

While we’re on the topic of fairness, I’d like to draw a comparison here: we do we as players pay inordinate sums of $$$ for what is existentially a few hundred kb worth of unique personal acct data (at most) on a vast server with a million+ such accts’ data? Furthermore said data is not even owned by us players, legally, but in layman’s terms, we lease said data from the game company who may and often do change said data at will, for any reason without consulting us—or what is worse, after consulting us and acting contrary to our wishes anyways—and despite having leased said data as X at the time of purchase and then ex-post facto change said data to Y later, as a sales tactic knowing full well that Y << X.

(I can you tell you that near the end of the above paragraph, I was talking about selling us heroes that are super OP, taking our money for them, and then nerfing them repeatedly, frequently, and with malice and avarice increasingly more so as time goes on).

I will like to refresh this idea and hopefully bring in new votes.
The last number of heroes I read we have in game is close to 800!
It is ridiculous, that we didn’t get any more free slots, when the number of heroes is now at least 7x more than in the first 1-2 years.
Make hero increases free, when adding 5-10 new heroes a month!
It is not fair, that we both have to pay for summons and then have to pay again to make room, if lucky to get new heroes


Voted!! I feel like its reasonable to increase the base amount of roster space… if not the base then at least increase the ones we gain from level ups.

5-10 heroes per month?
1 new hero/costume every 25.5h it is for this year so far. :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

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I dont see sgg giving that many free.

Id say they could restructure the level up, as you have earned it so change how many you get each time.
If the restructure happens all the new slots are added to everyone who has passed that level.

Also could do a quest for slots …
Could add roster slots for loot
Could do a portal for slots :joy:

Also move trainer troops would be handy.

True. Here’s just an idea that helped me and has kept me on 250 heroes plus ca. 20 empty spaces. I feed heroes away as soon as i havan’t used them for a year. That’s for 4 and 3 stars as 5* go to SG. I have to say, i am not a collector, what i don’t use, is fed immediately - whether new or old. I have been playing for close to 5 years, and started feeding off radically for the last 2 years. Only exception: really great artwork like the Norns for example.

I will also agree that more slots are needed, the total number of heroes in the game has gone tremendously higher than it was at inception ; the trickle increase at leveling up is just not realistic, game economy or not.
Sgg/zynga cut players some little slack here,

My suggestion ; at each leveling up from level 1- 25 give 2 free slots, at lvl 25- 75 give 3 free slots at each leveling up. From 75 - 100, 4 free slot per each leveling up, level 100 and above, 10 free slots at every other level increase.

Factor this out and give the difference to all players who had passed those levels already.

This would not however prevent some of us from purchasing more roster slots!

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I am all in for this game, playing it for more than 6 years, starting 3 months after the game was Lauunched. I am supporting and have for several years been leading a great alliance and alliance family. Personally having a lot of heroes 300+, over the years paying for new slots occasional.
It have never before been needed at this speed.
Now playing more casual, I have to delete and go through 3-4 offers and more of them filling my screen to actually play and do the things I like in game. It is too much asking for money, not seeing it so intensive in other mobile games I have been playing, not either in E&P earlier on.
I guess it is not only for me, that the more push on spending, interfering my game experience, the less I have been spending and interested in playing the game.
At the end more or less retired, as all seem to be about spending and not the quality of playing and keeping up a great community with friends in game, for the longtime playing.
A simple thing like having free roster slots, would make the game more enjoyable to play more active again.
Not having boundaries if trying for some new heroes, when not willing to sacrifice other unique heroes to do that or pay heavy for making the room

It is not like old players like me will get a great advantage from that.
Both old and newer big spending players have been passing far beyond my level and heroes powers, long time ago, that not being about the size of roster.
Paying for hero slots, is imo only money grab, as the size of tha roster doesn’t matter much in game, at this point. It is all about the actual hero’s and the level of them,now less their troop support (making a huge difference, before Aethers)

What if they just reduced the COST of buying more roster space, or did bundle offers for it.

And this would depend maybe on how many you have purchased already so it’d be in your own gem store, but for example, if it costs you 200 gems to now upgrade to get 5 new slots, they could make some deals:

200 gems = 5 slots
350 gems = 10 slots
475 = 15 slots
600 = 20 slots

And maybe that as the limit for a month. And you can only buy ONE of those bundles.
Obviously, free slots are always preferred, but realistically that won’t happen, lets be honest - or they at least need to update the levels/rankings to get more free slots. every few levels you gain 1 or 2 new spaces when you’re over level 100, that’s insane.

I put in my perspective on why it shouldn’t be paid for when playing for lomg, but I think it is even more essential to newer players, building up their roster,
I love to keep the game available and fun, for all kind of players. That is what makes our alliances at all levels loyal and striving to stay active in game

I feel awful for the players who spend lots buying new heroes and run out of roster space.

They definitely deserve sympathy.

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I’m now FTP, and most of my roster space is taken up by 3* & 4*s that I use for tourneys. You don’t have to be a big spender to need a lot more space. Having space also makes it easier to on-color level heroes efficiently (10-19 at a time).

Would also be nice if they gave us more teams. Would be nice if we could have another 5 teams so that we can have a team of each element ready.

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Yeah I don’t get the roster space limit.

The limit has been around since day 0 and back then the game wasn’t about the spend.

The big spend mechanic came around long after the Genesis.

Having no limit on roster space should really be a free entitlement of this game.

Unfortunately it’s too late now as so many players have already paid to increase it.

Catch 22.


The roster slots limit is annoying, especially as

A) the pace of new hero releases has been increased

B) hero museum encourages a “collect them all” approach

C) we are having more parts of the game where roster depth becomes important (3 kingdoms, tower events with curses, monster island…)

I remember a Q&A where the cost of roster space was discussed…

But it’s not surprising anymore… because the solution was to SELL roster space! Yes, they accept cash now, not just gems :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: when the “deals” are out

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I agree … with the 3 kingdom raid quest … need 60 heros to use 12 war flags in 4 rounds total… it’s fun quest … but I was no where ready for it … need 12 5 fresh hero teams just to complete the use of flags … be nice have roost space for it…

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