[master] War opponent has more players (Uneven players on battlefield)

It’s a bug, guys. It’s not “strange”, or some sort of mystery going on here, there is clearly a problem with the code for their alliance. Asking them to completely restart their alliance in the middle of PoV is ridiculous when it’s clear that all SG has to do is clean up the code.

Yes, it is definitely a bug.

This member is clearly not in their alliance as there are 0 members with lvl107 there.

I think SG should be able to kick this member somehow from the battlefield.

That’s obviously a piece of code showing up.
I’m wondering if the guy has been able to make some mess using special chars in a rename…

I think this text is used for internationalization.
SG has this text, and the proper text is replacing this one in the selected language.

Ok so we are in a war and straight away our opponents are at a disadvantage as they have 6 players in this war and we have 7.

  1. How is this fair matchmaking? As our opponents are at massive disadvantage. Again how can the match making be correct and this actually happen?

  2. How can we actually play this and the opposing team be competitive?

3 is there a way that this can be reset so we can have an equal squad. ( a very big ask I know) this just does not sit easy with me or my fellow alliance members.

I’m in a small alliance too and we’ve been unevenly matched a few times. It happens more often with small matches.

We’ve won/lost some of them. We still prefer our small alliance so we just accept it.

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I wonder why we still have to discuss this @Petri (sorry to tag you, but mayber you read it :slight_smile:).

The issue with the different number of teams could be easily solved. Let’s check why we bother at all: well the opponent has more flags, which as such is not the issue, but the fact that their teams have a lesser value than the alliance with less flags, which is the real bummer.

Looking at it from that angle it would be easy to implement something that can balance the problem. Simply weight the value of the alliance (1500) in such a case and nobody has to complain any longer.

Example: alliance A has 22 teams, alliance B 23 teams.
Solution: value of alliance A shall become 1500 * 23/22 = 1568 and
alliance B value shall be 1500 * 22/23 = 1434
Now each team in alliance B gives more points than a similar team in alliance A and the additional flags are just compensated.

Would be nice to see this finally taken care of.
Kinde regards - Wolf an Dro

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I support your approach. It’s a very elegant solution

In an extreme case like a 3v2 alliance war

Alliance A with 3 members would have a total value of 1500 * 3/2 = 2250. Each member would have a value of 2250/3 = 750
Alliance B with 2 member would have a total value of 1500 * 2/3 = 1000. Each member would have a value of 1000/2 = 500

Alliance A has 18 flags available. If all of them are one shots then the total score is 500 * 18 = 9000

Alliance B has 12 flags available. If all of them are one shots then the total score is 750 * 12 = 9000

Perfectly balanced. It’s even better because if both alliances have the same amount of members, then even if you apply that solution it still works. So there is no need to check if alliances have the same amount of member or not.

Sadly, today I can say yes. This is our current situation. Their extra 6 flags aside, how?! Smaller alliances sure, but alliances that are nearly full or full?! :angry:

What’s worse is they are using sandbagging too :sweat:. So we have to waste a flag for minimum points to flip the board as well :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Ok, I concede, SG can’t take responsibility for this in my opinion unsportsman like strategy. Just needed to :exploding_head:!

Back on topic, how do we get 29v30 player wars? Have we just been lucky up until now, to have not encountered this :thinking:?

Pearls of wisdom - thanks!

I just had to vent for a bit first :wink:

Edit - the final outcome, with all flags used


We are only 28 members in war anf the opononent have 29 members not FAIR :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



Looks like they have been messing with war algorithms again we have a 24 v 23 war battle in our favour. Thought this was sorted @Staff_SGG , @moderators .

Not only do you have a flag discrepancy but when you kill them your points are less as normal team score of 1532 divided by 12 is less then 1532 /11

It’s not seen as a bug if you check post 4 in the link chelle posted it’s explained there.


This is not the first time this has happened it is because algorithms have been changed last time they had to switch back to a previous setting wether it’s a bug or not it’s not good for the team that’s disadvantaged and it will only get worse if the devs don’t do anything about it.
@Petri can you advise on this problem that has come back again. The thread @ChelleATC refers to was from November 2020 the last time this happened

It happens every war… not a bug. Happened to us in Saders a few weeks ago. @moderators please merge…

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Happened to us last war but luckily one of their members war jumped so we slaughtered them :joy:

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it is not a bug, it is a well discussed topic, at the end both teams will have the opportunity to to score the same amount of total points follow the link on the first post, this is basically a duplicated post

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Doesn’t work out both teams can score the same amount of points @egeovannyam for instance our war it takes us 23 flags to reset our opponents 1532 /23 = 66.6 per flag which x by 144 acquits to 9590 points. Our opponents takes 24 flags to reset 1532/24 = 63.83 times that by 138 acquits to 8808 points so big difference. Whatever way you look at it it’s not right. @ChelleATC @Petri

@F170Ian please check your math

1532 / 23 = 66.6086 per flag
23 x 6 = 138 total flags
138 x 66.6086 = 9192 total points

1532/24 = 63.8333 per flag
24 x 6 = 144 total flags
63.8333 x 144 = 9192 total points

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