[master] War opponent has more players (Uneven players on battlefield)

We just started war. Our. 3 vs their 4. So we get 18 hits. If all one shots we get 400 average per hit. They get 24 hits. If they all one shot they get average 500 per hit We cant win

War opponent matching in this game are non-adequate. For example - how can be Horgall equal to Alfrike?


Manchmal ist es so das einer aus der Allianz sein Hacken rein gemacht hat und aus irgendeinem Grund dann vor dem Kriegsbeginn aus der Allianz raus gegangen ist, dann zählt er trotzdem!!
Ansonsten finde ich das unsere Gegner immer stärker sind wie wir, wir gewinnen nur mal ein Krieg wenn fast keiner uns angreift!!

As written in the title, we had an 11 vs 12 alliance war where the enemy clan had 1 more team than us / 6 more flags. How does his happen?

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I could offer one answer to you. Is it possible you have a team member who has enlisted a defense team of 5 and later eaten 1 of those heroes? If so, the game would deem that team “unacceptable” and your teammate will only be able to watch from the sidelines - but the game will still think he’s active in the war so it will count it - thus giving you an opposing team of +1 players.

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@Saros may be on to something. If not, you may also need to read the following:

No, there was no one watching from the sidelines.

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Here is our battlefield, with our missed matched war. Also on the other picture you can see at the point where there’s is only six enemy flags left(which should have been the end of the war we were the Victors. This has made this war a shambles.


Incorrect, just the opposite. 1500 pts / team size. A smaller team pool = more points per kill.

We seem to be 6 flags down before we even start today’s war? The opposing team has 1 more player than us. Please look into this as a matter of urgency as this is so strange and obviously we’re at a disadvantage.

This is the first time an seeing this happen in Wars in the last 2.5 years.
The enemy had 25 players and we had only 24. The average points per team was not different (60 to 65) for both their and our team but they had 6 additional flag.
Should this be a bug or has it happened before

It’s not a bug. It’s possible to gey matched with different amount players. Weird that, you haven’t seen that before. I have been in several wars, where that has happen.

you are lucky alliance. my allience have 13 players and we often encounter.

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Hi @Vicjoaid this isn’t a bug, just imperfect matchmaking. Here’s the staff response on the issue that Zeph posted on a separate thread.

You can discuss the matter by searching for some of the major war matchmaking threads.


como pode uma aliança ter 10 membros e a outra 9.

I don’t know, if it is a bug, but I don’t know how it’s possible.

My alliance, with 30 members on the battlefield, is fighting against an alliance with only 29 players on the battlefield. I know that this could happen in the early wars, but I thought that this possibility has been removed long time ago.

Has anyone an explanation or is it really a bug?

Edit: Thanks for moving the post. I had looked for an existing topic, but couldn’t find any. Seems that I used the wrong words for searching.

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we’re facing an alliance of 22 members that has an higher score than ours while we’re just 21 members.
that doesn’t seem a sort of compensation for the war score difference since ours is less than theirs.

this way they get 6 more shots available (3 at the time being: the war has just begun), moreover their hits will grant them more points per hit since 1500/21 is greater than 1500/22.

I’m attaching the screenshots of what looks like an issue to me.

Am I missing something? :thinking:

Thanks in advance!

This just happened to us too. Enemy has extra person… I’m looking for an explanation as well.

My alliance have the same problem. Can someone explain to me why my enemies have more players on battlefield and their teams give less points than our teams. They have +6 attacks!!! How is it fair?

If one of your players has only 4 or less heros on their defense team when the clock ticks to zero, they will be removed. Have you checked that?