[master] War opponent has more players (Uneven players on battlefield)

I tried to explain this with screenshots and both devs and community said it is working as designed :smiley:
Here is the thread : Alliance War win points on Un even Player counts

Well, we just need to keep barking that this design is utter crap.

If you take the scenario where every team wins every flag, the team with 21 players is given an 878 (8572 vs 9450) point advantage over the 20 player team just by the team count mismatch.

Okay winning every flag is not reasonable, so just turn it into an average percentage. The team with 1 extra player gets over a 10% point advantage right out of the box in a 21 vs 20 war.

Is normal to have different number of players in the war?

Can someone explain me what happened? As you can see in the photos,

we are only 4 in the alliance, nobody go out, nobody came in…But we have 5 opponents in war! Not fair!!!

Just had the same happen to us, we have 26 which is everyone in our alliance.

Opponents have 29 in alliance and 27 on the field

While it may be working as intended, and the teams in whole may be equal by war score calculation, the mechanics of the point calculation are very unfair.

If uneven team counts are going to continue as anything but a very rare instance, SG needs to add an offset/adjustment for points per flag to make things right. The 6 extra flags value is compounded by the fact that teams on the short side are also worth more.

Can someone explain this to me please?!?!?

I don’t understand, what is the question? or a sign on the screenshot or what is it? :thinking:

EDIT: OK, the total number of member is different by one. Well that’s actually can happen rarely.


Sorry for not being specific. I’ve been playing a while and have never seen this before.

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Hi All

We’ve seen some Alliances get matched with other Alliances that have an extra member.

The Alliance that is in question is SA Elites and their Russian opponents have an extra member.

Usually if an individual within an Alliance sets a team that is invalid (does not have 5 heroes, etc) then they get removed when war starts which accounts for the deficit.

However in this case the person opted out prior to the matchmaking.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or is there a simple explanation for this that I am not aware of ?

Many thanks for taking the time to respond. All advice will be appreciated.


It happens. And there’s other issues too when this happens. Check this thread out.

Happened to us last war but even with a 6 flag advantage we still beat them.

It’s a rough start though…I was pretty annoyed at the time as well. But suck it up and give it your best shot…it’s not game over until all flags are used.

The SPARTANUS 2 alliance was sabotaged by S.G. 3 times in 2 months and of these, 2 times was followed. The last war is today.
How can you put your opponents in 1 month with 1 more opponent? it never happened to be the most, but we were harmed, we went 3 times. And in this war came one with level 60 and team power of 4500 (our team is at level 23 and team power of 3000). And I went to play with my best team to see if at least the stones helped to balance it, and that didn’t happen. We abandoned the war as it was said in the video and it is the second consecutive war that this happens. What is happening? I have been a fight games player since 2006 and participate in championships here in Brazil and the Americas. I am not just any player, I know very well how to read a game and understand skills and discover flaws like I found out about Lady LOKI and I didn’t see any videos talking about it. I leave here my regret for the game and I thought it was not just a slot machine but I was wrong. I don’t ask my team to be bigger than my opponents, I want an honest match. nor that you have to pair f2p to f2p separately from p2w to p2w if you have no other alternative. I do not wait for answers, I wait for attitudes !!!

Apparently there is no other alliance with 3 (or less?) players participating in war.
What else did you expect with so few members? Invite some more and things will certainly change.

this is a new alliance with 8 members and most of them still cannot participate in the war, i make videos and invite people to join the alliance. The 3 participants in the war are what we have for now, but the pairing is not my problem and this is unfair.

Sorry to say that but it kind of is your problem. If there is no other alliance like yours what do you expect them to do?

This is an event that constantly happens to me … I think this is unfair.

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