[master] War opponent has more players (Uneven players on battlefield)

In this meaning, the matchmaking never is “fair”, the rosters are always different.
But in this case for the larger alliance it is enough if every player have only 4 attack teams to have a good chance of winning with an allliance of players with 6 attack teams each. And I don’t think matchmaking matches teams with such a big difference in rosters.
The difference in roster strengths maybe makes up for flag number when matching 30 player alliance with 29 player alliance. But with small alliances the advantage of additional flags and bigger score for each flag gets so big, that it makes the fight one-sided.


This happens more often that you think. GL


Anytime you aren’t playing at 30 there is a chance it can happen. That’s the risks of playing this way I guess.

I’ve had it a few times in my time. We’ve lost a couple and won a couple but it’s frustrating for sure.

Just give it your best shot and see what happens is the only thing you can do.


at War The number of people we have is 29, which is identical to the number of people in the alliance, while the other alliance that plays in war has 30 No one left, and even if he left, his team would have been present

Wow, I searched the forum and found that it is not a bug , but it has been a problem for two years and it is normal, this is very unfortunate. I have been playing this game for over 4 years and it is trying to keep me away in every way

Yes, it is normal :frowning:
I have merged your topic to this one, when there are lot of reports of this.

How is it that my alliance is putting out 15 team because we have a few opt outs and out opponent has 16 teams. Doesn’t this mean they have 6 more flags?

Correct means your team has more depth better troops ect. War score is even to compensate they get 6 more flags

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Is it normal to be matched against a team with more war participants? I’ve never seen it before but the alliance we went against in this past war had one more player in war, so 6 additional hits. Having lost by just a few points, it cost us.

Yes it is. There is a whole thread about this and your new thread is a potential merge candidate for that.


Thanks, don’t know how iissed the original thread

We just had the same thing happen to us in this last war but we beat them anyway.

The stronger alliance will usually always win these mismatches and the stronger alliance is usually the one with 1 less player in the war. We just had it as well as 2 players opted out to go on holiday (vacation) so it was 28 vs 29. We were the stronger alliance so it was an easy win for us even with them having 6 more flags.

Of course 5 vs 6 is always going to be a bit more swingy but the core of the matching was you are technically a better alliance.

The issue for much smaller alliances is that it’s really hard to tell your relative strength. In the Top 100 we are all tracked and the data tells us where we are in the grand scheme of it all. Currently I’m in the 51st alliance and we know if we get matched with a Top 20 we will 99% of the time lose the war. Likewise if we get matched against the 75th alliance we will likely win that one. Bar anomaly of course.

As soon as you are warring at 30 these things can happen but take heart in the fact that it’s happened because the system thinks this was a “fair” war match. Sometimes it won’t work out of course but tracking the data as we do we know the advantages of 6 flags extra don’t always mean that.

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