[Master] War of Three Kingdoms Loot discussion

I’m not sure if participating in WTK is worthwhile. 12 flags used and 14th score result on my warband. If it’s intended and no bug I have nothing to say

I was 2nd in my skirmish, my warband won, I was in the winning Wu Kingdom, warband ranked 102 in the end.

Loot was basically an EHT and enough coins for 2 pulls.

I hate the loot randomness. Some people get 200+ for losing, some get pittance for winning. I got 73 coins for winning skirmish, with 19th place with 288pts, and losing kingdom-wide (wei). I guess not bad for 12 raids, but I think it should be in line with Tavern of Legends and costume chamber where you get a free pull for full participation.

Made an account just to post this. Got first in my warband (and the skirmish as well), lost the skirmish because my warband used around 70 less flags than the other team (we had 741 unused flags). Because we had so many leftover flags, my warband ended up being ranked 2513. Being on Wu didn’t really help the loot either even though we won. I have no idea how these loot drops can be viewed as acceptable given the amount of time and effort it took to use all 12 flags.

It’s all about the warband rank. What I don’t know is how they determine what level of warband to put people in.

Nothing to say it’s frustrating and discouraging as loot, but the worst is that the system or SG, ranked me 9th, while I ranked 5th in my battalion, so what’s delirious :angry::angry::angry: :angry:, I would like to be reimbursed and give myself what I deserve with my ranking and justice be done :rage::rage::triumph::triumph:

That’s because you ranked 9th in the skirmish, not in your band. That part of the loot is based on overall personal placement in the skirmish.

In all w3k wars I accumulated now a whopping 38 coins.
About 8 more wars and I am eligible for a dawa!
Again used all 12 flags, was 3rd in my warband (wu that had won) and still a measly reward because there are over 500 flags unused in my team.

Over 500…

I am done with this event as there is now way I can influence the outcome even by the smallest margin. And rewards are really pathetic

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The last one I was ranked I think 12th and I had at least 150 pieces there, I don’t understand how SG manages the loot :thinking::thinking::thinking::triumph::triumph:

And it’s not easy to rank 9/185 who went to war, SG must take that into consideration​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Loot for 1st place, winning skirmish and winning kingdom. If I somehow manage to always get 1st place, I’ll have enough for 10 pulls in 2024.

Thankfully, those sweet silver coins make it all worthwile. :joy:

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My loot from Victory and
7th place.

This is the only loot i got from w3k.

We lost our skirmish.
I came 46th
The kingdom i was in came 2nd.

Loot is pathetic.

The 9th place is between your band and the other band, so there was 4 on your band and 4 on the other band that scored higher than you. Why SG does that? I do not know but it is wird

Only score that really matters is warband ranking imo. It’s a team effort but not much you can do individually. Loots seems better on warband ranking. Last time my team was sixth and no 4* mat and now a DBlade at 39.

We won and I was around 20th in the team.

[Uploading: Screenshot_2022-07-22-21-43-32-70_262dc09b83f42fc5604598f73a64a305.jpg…Check the coins they are way less…unable to go for single pull is it normal.

Loot is RNG, so you seemingly got hosed on a bad draw(s), but not a bug.

Thing is. I think it’s fun.

But it’s ruined by others ….

We have the top spots but we had so many unused flags …. Just … please fix it.

Its all RNG, they program it to figure out what each persons loot is…It makes not an iota of difference if your warband wins, loses or draws Your gonna get the loot RNG says you get. Next time around have everyone in your alliance keep track and then have one of the big brains draw up a spreadsheet with the results…you’ll see

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