[Master] War of 3 Kingdoms improvment thread

Agreed. Players who dont use their flags should definitely be penalized, espacially those who leave 12 unused flags while you can see them online during most of the war times :angry:

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It may actually help if screenshots were also shared to this thread.

I long ago gave up on the issue of unused w03k war flags since SG made it clear that this was not a priority for them.

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Nope! Not gonna happen … name and shame is against forum rules, so yall be giving me and other moderaters to edit peoples posts extra work to do.

There will be alot :rofl:

Thanks for reminding me @Dudeious.Maximus then again it also reminds me why I gave up hoping that SG would actually do something about flag dropping in Wo3K.

I love the concept nonetheless its just a pity it wasn’t developed more fully.

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I would like a fix of some sort . It can be tricky as just looked at my wo3k and a few folk only hit a couple of times.
If the players that didn’t hit maybe should like normal war be excluded from the next.

Personally its caused more issues vs a exciting thing to do.

Ok we got this portal so gotta pull … Folk want coins/tokens other loot from the event.

Id scrap the whole war and just make it a quest like tol


Wars and tournaments is the reason why i play E&P. W3K is a great concept and lots of fun for players like me (regardless the poor loots issue). It just needs some tuning.


People always complain about team members not using their flags in w3k war. I think it’s because there is no obvious way to opt out of the war once the event is announced under quest. Once you opt in there is no way out. Also it is not clear how not to opt in either. I wonder if small giant wants large fields, or it’s an oversight on their part.

Perhaps we need a clearer method of opting out to reduce the number of unused war flags.

It seems clear enough to me.

It’s just players attitude that’s all.

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There are 2 big options to choose from.

• Sign Up : once player clicks that, that’s an opt in. Like War, there’s no backing out unless player empties out his defence team before war timer kicks off.

Maybe players who “accidentally” sign up, can do that. Although I don’t see how that can be accidental.

• Not Now : Not joining in. Once this option is chosen, there will be no reminders to sign up.

It’s a very simple registration mechanism for W3K.

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