[Master] War of 3 Kingdoms improvment thread

This is for serious ideas for improvement

What would you do to improve it ok folk arnt using there flags see the post below … Nice idea a simple automatic message …

Should time be increased … Should flags be dispatched out differently … Etc…

Being this isnt a proity of sgg at this point in time maybe they look at this thread and cherry pick ideas from different opinions from folk…

We all in the same boat i guess, be creative on ideas … Also respectful to folk who post ideas, and those who post ideas maybe also think before yah post.

Another topic on this subject …

Another topic folk feel is one of the major issues

I was thinking about a simple to contact people to use there flags in wo3k and then thought what if an inbox message was sent to all players when flags respawned it may not be the magic potion everyone is looking for but it could help some and sounds easy enough on paper.

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Yep, or just an indicator on the quests icon, like in war on the alliance one. I think a lot of people have requested this.


2 x points for one shots in w3k would give some incentive not to wait for 25+ point cleans.


I thought younjust simply went out there and did your best regardless? I had 7 one shots 3 hits and 2 cleans. But i personally didnt look for cleans until i was on my last two attacks with rags for my roster.

Cant teach pride to some people unfortunately, but a better point system would definitely stop the poachers


Unfortunately I think lots of folks are doing exactly the opposite. Given the size it is hard to see how to influence even the war band skirmish (let alone the overall war) so maximizing personal points becomes the best way to exercise some influence over the outcome (outcome in terms of loot). Unfortunately if such an approach is actually correct (game theoretically) and everyone follows it…then it won’t be much of a war

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No need to double anything, just remove the bonus points for victory and have only the “normal” points for removing HP.


I doubt that this provides enough incentive.

The biggest challenge for w3k ?use all your flags !!! So funny…


Well, that’s removing the incentive part of cleaning up a target. You would get more points going on a fresh targets.

Also, doubling the points when doing a one shoot is unfair for the opposite team.
Example: team A does one shoots for half of its flags and 0 point hits for the other half and, team B uses two flags to kill each of its enemies.
In my book, this should be a tie since both team performed the same overall. With your one shot bonus points, team A would unfairly win.


This is, unfortunately, the main problem. I am happy to break tanks in alliance war as I know all flags will be used and the real loot is in opening chests. Not so much in w3k.

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Problems either way perhaps. I just hate having such a strong incentive to clean…

One should not need incentive to do what needs to be done. Thats the whole problem with this generation. constantly need a reason to do whats right or necessary, you do what you need to do because thats how its supposed to be done. The fact that there are 3 to 400 leftover flags every war has nothing to do with anything more than the fact there is no consequences for not participating.

The fact there there is no co-op content in this game anywhere is a bigger issue as players never truly know another players roster or where they might be lacking so that ideas can be easily swung around to teach skilled play. That is one of the main reasons so many players choose to go mono rather learn the finer points in the game

The only incentive one should need is that they gonna do the best they can with the roster they have and try to comr out stronger each time.

The fact that i had to really plan use of heroes as my roster depleted and was able to put together some wild teams to pull off epic fights was a testament to what this game can be, it was very fun war for me.


I think the best way to fix W3K is to make people pay gems to enter it. If all flags are used, reward the player their gems back or more. This way people will be far less likely to not use all flags and are more likely not to enter if they don’t feel they can use all flags.

It doesn’t have to be much… 100 gems. Once all flags are used the player gets those 100 gems back though if not a few more. This way it only punishes those who don’t use all flags but it was also their choice to pay to enter.


This wouldn’t work say a f2p just used a majority of there gems on a portal and doesn’t have enough to play the event …
Knowing they would use all flags anyway this would be unfair to them … Pick the portal or play event …

Plus asking players to use gems in the past hasn’t gone to well … Sure yah get them back … But dont look to good imo …


At 100 gems that you know you will get back? You can’t even do a single pull for that. Could be cheaper too…like 50 gems. F2P people would just need to know they would have to hold those gems for the event.


Agree with pay to enter. Even make a gift of 75 gems via messages:
War of 3 Kingdoms is here! have 75 gems on us! use it to sign up for W3K, or just keep it! if you use all 12 flags in W3K, you get your 75 gems back!


Starting out by giving the gems is even better! Awesome idea!!

  • Add a red “!” mark as a reminder of unused flags.

  • In the next W3K event, start populating all warbands with players who used 12 flags in the last event (sorted by team power for example), then with players who used 11 flags, then 10 flags and so on. New players can be populated first in the 12 flags zone so they are not thrown into the 0 flags players zone. Every time a new W3K starts, repeat this procedure with the last W3K, so everyone has a chance to use all their flags in a given W3K and move to a more active W3K in the next event.


I’ve mentioned in a previous thread that they should reward coins for each flag used, give people incentive. Or give points towards a chest for each flag used (the chest opens at 12/12 and has at least 100 Wo3K coins in it).

I also think they shouldn’t reward people that don’t use all of their flags. Right now there’s incentive to opt in and not use flags, you still get loot. So maybe don’t give loot to people that don’t use flags. They could even do a participation percentage structure to loot, so 10-12 flags is 100% participation. Less and you receive less loot (with no flags used resulting in 0% participation and no loot).

Also, some sort of notification on events to remind people that they have flags to use. I think some people are just, out of sight, out of mind about flags.