🐼 [Master] -- War of 3 Kingdoms GLOBAL BETA -- Discussion & Information Thread

Accessible via the quests tab.


Yes! It’s right there, Thanks Gunvor

See question and answer

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Is there a poll where we can vote to which kindom we got assigned to?

Important Question.

If Single score count that much then…
What if after half of day on board will be visible 99 partially beated defences?
And nobody wanna finish them?

I just made one if you’re interested

Not sure if it’s really necessary, but if there is demand for such a thing…


There seems to be slightly more incentive for cleanup, as the bonus for defeating is essentially double the bonus in AW. The avg target should be worth 20 points - 2000 points / 100 teams - so 10 points for health and 10 bonus points. If someone kills 3/5 heroes, they would take 6 or 7 points, leaving 13 or 14 points vs 20 points for a one shot.

This case will be a problem, but you get exactly the same points of defealting a team as what the whole team worth. So with cleanups you will might have more points than anyone else in your Warband.

It may have different result - nobody will attack strong enemies that may not be one-shot, but everybody will wait for cleanups.

So despite my head issues with playing with complete strangers I’ve signed up to give it a go.

Allocated to Shu kingdom. If once the bands are set and on the field if anyone spots me in their group or as opponent let me know.

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Sorry if I missed this elsewhere, but is your kingdom determined randomly each time, or is your assigned kingdom permanent?

It can be different in the next event.
You will need to sign up next time too.


Would it be beneficial to have 3 chats set-up (1 for each of the kingdoms) then the kingdoms can converse and discuss defense tank color, setup, attacking strats, etc? Granted not everyone uses the forums, but it might help?
Just food for thought.

I put it in both beta tests comments and I will put it here.

Partial teams are going to be an issue.

Solution: If you successfully kill a team via 1 shot or successful clean then war energy is NOT removed However the heroes are still counted as used. This solves the biggest issues voiced in closed testing and creates a dynamic that makes it different than current wars by creating a streak element and encourages cleans.


Do the flags stack like in war?

Yes, the flags stack.
So you can use all 6 flags on the second day.


I like the idea but maybe reduce the starting flags from 6?

I also feel like someone could easily farm dozens of easy cleans by just racing to snatch them first.

True. Still probably better though to have people jumping on cleans for score, rather than leaving multiple messes, at least from team perspective. Perhaps a lockout timer, like if I fail I’m the only one that can attack the target again for 3-5 minutes or something so cleans can’t be poached in that scenario.

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There’s a lot of comments and I don’t have time to read them. If it was already mentioned, I do apologize.

I foresee an issue with people that have multiple accounts intentionally leaving flags and/or tanking. If their secondary account(s) is/are in a different kingdom than their preferred account, they could easily just trash the score to provide an advantage.

Anyone that leaves flags should be banned from the following 3 kingdoms event.

I’m in Shu as well Kilted, hopefully we’re in the same band!