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So having finished the war, these are my statistics. I finished 4th in my warband and 10th overall in my skirmish. My Warband finished 1314th in the Kingdom. There were 385 flags left on our side and 293 flags left on our opponent’s side. I am sure this is the difference in our loss.

These are my assessments of the W3K event.

I liked the 12 flags. I don’t have a super deep roster. I have enough to make maybe 4 teams greater than 4000, and my top team is 4602. However, I found that strategy outweighed brute numbers in my battles. I focused on teams that were weak to what I could field. I would say I did probably about half and half on single hits and cleanups. I am changing my focus to deepen my bench for both future events and regular wars as well.

As so many people have pointed out, the balance on hits and cleanups was broken. I think if SG can set this up more like regular wars then it will be OK.

I don’t support a flag penalty for players. I know there were people in my alliance who found themselves locked out of event for 12 hours due to the server problem. I also think that if SG sets loot based on participation levels (rewarding more active players rather than penalizing others) it will fix the issue. We don’t know what people have going on in their lives and don’t know why they missed participating.

Finally, I agree a language translator would be nice. I tried to look up what some of my warband members were saying, but could not properly translate anything in Cyrillic because of the character difference (I would love to find a program to do this, but haven’t yet).

I would definitely like to see some more of these events and I hope they can work out the server bugs and lag issues.

I enjoy alliance wars, so this event was a lot of fun. My roster isn’t nearly large enough to manage 12 runs well, but I did have some luck knocking key folks out with mono-color line ups of half leveled folk. :slight_smile:

We won the battle, and I placed #17, for a total of 50 Three Kingdom Coins. That was pretty underwhelming, since I couldn’t even manage one pull. Unless I’m missing something, there’s no way to get more without paying.

I did appreciate the 150 beta participation reward, and while those two pulls didn’t get me a new character, I did get a bonus Zagrog drop. Doesn’t really fit my current plans for Red, but still very cool.

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I see the one with Japanese name in my war band who is only level about 50 but try to get in top 10 and successfully get rank 9th by stealing other people’s unsuccessful attack score. He look for anyone in war band who attacking. When the attack is end, he will click inspect instantly. If the defense team is damaged enough, he will attack and get the most of the score. He also steal my 2 unsuccessful attack. I have to say that behavior is VERY BAD and should be STOP.

However, on the other hand, he actually make me get about 6-8 more score. Since I can’t do 2 second attack, I have to do 2 attack full instead. But somehow I found the easy team and win both times. So, I get about 6-8 more score than doing 2 second attack :joy:.

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while playing W3K these points crossed my mind, maybe they have been suggested earlier but i liked to share them as i believe they would benefit the W3K-experience

  1. keep it at 12 flags, with 3 extra every 12 hours; but give 6 flags at the start of Battle Phase = more time to finish last flags, suits the different timezones better

  2. just have the same fixed tank color for all players, every W3K the color rotates (you know the drill … like with omega :sweat_smile:) this challenges your roster in a different way on both offence and defence every W3K => this also fixed the uncoordinated defence in some way

  3. to avoid players luring the board to vulture your failed OS, give the attacker a timed (30sec-1min) ‘play again’ option, a little similar to raids. if you say ‘no’ or are out of flags the cleanup is in the open and there is no harm in someone having a go at it.
    the scoring system is good for the W3K concept, nothing wrong imo with good points for leftovers. It encourages cleaning, otherwise there would be a board full of halfshot teams and noone willing to clean it.


Well I now know this event is not for me and I won’t participate in the future, barring significant changes. Considering it rewards coins used to summon from a pool of the most OP heroes to date, this looks like yet another way to widen the gap between high end (mostly big spending, if not very long time and lucky) and other payers.

But hey, they gifted me some coins and I’d really like to thank SGG for the shiny new Dawa I got with my pull. :roll_eyes:

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This sort of behaviour is almost never seen in alliance wars but runs rampant in kingdom wars. But maybe it’s just me. Maybe have a standby rematch so that you get a choice to rematch that team and prevents this sort of tailgating. And also being able to rematch once only
Have only met one case like this before in alliance wars quite a long time ago. My teammate was so mad at that guy from tailgating he kicked him out of the guild in an instant

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I was one of those players who did well by focusing on cleanups, but it was mostly about the warband matching process. I have a deep roster of ‘decents’ and hardly anything in the ‘excellent’ category. So when I am put in a warband with loads of ‘excellents’ on defense teams, I couldn’t find a team that I could even contemplate making a dent in without prior help. If I had been placed in a warband with more similar rosters, taking on the initial attack would have been much less problematic.

Both these points seconded

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With all the talk of “vultures” and “kill stealing,” it would seem that what is needed is

(A) better ability to communicate, so warband members can actually agree on what constitutes “good conduct”, but also especially

(B) the point structure for damage inflicted on opponents vs outright victory — with a sidenote that if outright victory is more heavily weighted, then warband-making really needs to match players with similar depth of roster, moreso than merely similar defense teams.

None of this will change the fact that the event has four rewards, only one of which can be materially affected by any individual’s choices.

Having said that, I’d go so far as to say it’s not exactly fair to denigrate people who are playing by the current rules of the game in a distinctly non-team “team” event.

“Good team play” means something much different in regular war, when you are taking part alongside people you know and can communicate with, never mind that the incentives are actually entirely team-based, than it does in this very different event. It seems strange to expect players to play the same way as “normal.”

Is there a Timetable when this event will return? Will it happen regular every Month or in another rythm?
I did not find those Informations-


Thanks Blord, did not saw it my calender. Is it returning monthly?

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I think so. x20characters

It is not monthly see the rotation in the official announcement.

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It is now occurs every other months (56 days between each occurrence exactly)


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