🐼 [Master] -- War of 3 Kingdoms GLOBAL BETA -- Discussion & Information Thread

I don’t understand either. But, awarding lots of points to cleaning up, helps to keep the battlefield tidy, if nothing else :wink:.

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So true.

Not sure which Kingdom Dawa is from…:frowning_face:


Or, no one wants to initiate an attack on any full team, and no warband gets to complete the skirmish.

No scoring system is perfect. If initial but incomplete attacks are awarded too many points, then no one wants to waste their flags cleaning up. This is especially so since warbands are match-made such that almost everyone is at the same strength, and there are no weak members specialised in just cleaning up, not like in regular Alliance Wars.

So, this skew towards more points awarded to clean-ups does encourage players to clean up.


It certainly encouraged me lol
Bring on the cleanups

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Used five 5-star heroes, got enemy team down to 1 with less than 100 hp, gets 10 points. Teammate uses 1 4-star hero, gets 21 points.

Adjust the war score please.

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Went out wit summoning, mainly because of red 4* Athena-like hero. So far not having her, but got Marjanna and this guy.

Slow but fiends that block buffs seem incredibly handy to me. Buff blocker that can’t be dispelled can be nasty for Ludwig and co.


I love that we are now having 12 flags, imo making the event a lot more fun and challenging.
Great to have some use of the heroes on the bench - like seeing old friends again :grinning:
Also taking a different strategy of when to try for a full target or better go for cleanup


So. Hmmm. Uhm…
NOPE. Please delete this entire event, erase it from the servers, award every player a mega ton of loot for putting up with this ridiculous farce of an event. And give us moster Island (if OU don’t know, don’t worry about it, SGG knows what I mean and so do enough other players)

This is one event I absolutely hate, and love(d) the towers

Yes please…
3kingdoms war just went down :laughing:

12 flags is ridiculous…
Going to be lots of unused flags. Last beta we got 33 unuse flags unless they’re going get some penalties. SG needed to goes back to 6flags

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It is reported here:

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Things have gone well for me this time. Between issues accessing and folks not using flags let’s see how I end up.

I can assume placeholder rewards are reduced (based on the last Wo3K).

Here is a concept that eludes me.

Why not reverse this logic and provide increased rewards for all players who are essentially testing and calibrating a beta product?


I think they’re doing it for two reasons:

1 I think back to loot tournaments that had “enhanced” loot and then was reduced. I haven’t heard about that complaint recently but I felt it was prevalent for a year after its launch. Of course if you don’t reduce loot there is no problem.

2 the bigger reason I see is they knew this was going to be a technical challenge with bugs. The more rewards that are associated with the beta test that is likely to go wrong, the more folks will be mad with the issues. When rewards are relatively meh, it limits our anger.

I am enjoying this beta test regardless of the awards. I am okay with the bugs because I think they’re working it out to give us more content.


My comments:
1 - SG needs to make sure that things work properly… Many players can’t even access the war this morning. They need to fix it next beta
2 - Take a second thought into the pt rewarding system. Victory point should be roughly 1/3 of the total points, similar to weekly alliance war, not 2/3. This is particularly true when you have 12 flags. Many players are craving to take clean up hits once they run out of SSK calibre teams and they don’t need to be incentivized
3 - Make reward system (whether individual level or alliance level) more transparent (and potentially better, well we have to see what they give us this time) so that ppl are incentivized to take this thing seriously
4 - Improve the summon rate - 1.2% for non-S1 5* is not a good number comparing to other portals

Correct, but I see no harm in providing “placeholder loot” PLUS standardized better loot for all.

e.g. “Thanks for persisting through the issues with our inadequate server capacity. Here’s your non-terrible loot. Thanks for helping us develop a more enjoyable game for all.”

Perhaps I’m being greedy. Very possible - we are products of our environment after all.


Yeah if they came out with a message after this and said “here’s 100 coins for the event” I would be estatic. That would be a fantastic bet atesting gift.

But I’m happy with the content.


SGG should tier rewards based on participation.

  1. Number of flags used. The more flags used, the better the participation rewards. Starting from a WE flask for 3 flags. Next 3 flags gets a raid flask. Next 3 = titan flask. Last 3 (making 12 flags) = mini hamper emblem. 2 emblems per class. Total 20 emblems.

This would be the most basic reward for all participants.

Then they can offer “better” rewards for performance, as they have planned:

  1. Within Warband
  2. Within Kingdom
  3. W3K overall

Is it over?
I cant see the icon anymore
I still have 3 flags! (I think)

I have no problems with reduced loot or finding in bugs in the global beta. It’s a test run and should be treated as such.

I do find that opening the portal is pretty poor form given the heroes in the portal have bonuses tied to this feature. It tells me that they aren’t treating this as a global beta feature, but a live one because folks are spending real money to chase the heroes. The portal and heroes should have been released on the first non-test version.

If the heroes are still ‘global beta’, then prepare yourself for a complaint meltdown if they get nerfed.

I like the challenge of using 12 flags, but I despise the buildup of the flags every 12 hours. Just give us all of the d*** flags at the beginning and let us decide when we want to play.