[MASTER] War mismatch - 136k vs. 108k war score (and other similar mismatches from other alliances)

About 50000 difference in war score??
Are you kidding, guys?!

@petri, @zephyr1, please say something.
This issue goes on for three weeks.
Ok, I can understand if it’s a complex case, but we’re 30/30 now, each player participates.
Can we just have an equal enemy?

And do matchmaking the right way.


This is not even commentable, SG when will you stop humiliating alliances with such selection in the war?


I was in Scandinavian Allstars at the time and we were really Sorry for you. You shouldn’t have faced us. And having 30 vs 29 on the board in addition made it Even more ridicilous!

I hope they more or less fixed the issue for later wars since I switched alliance and at least our 2 first wars are much closer than that. Even though we have a 1500 point difference for this war too!

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I’m in two wars (2 profiles). One is evenly matched but on the other our alliance score is 30k higher with a war score almost 20k higher than theirs.

Our alliance was matched against a top 100 alliance last war while we were ranked over 600.

I’m getting whiplash!

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The problem still has not been solved.

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Oh my… :confounded:

I thought our war score difference of 5k was big, but this… Ouch!


We have been matched even ±1k for the last two wars, and we won both.
This time our opponent has +6k higher war score, we will see how we will get through.

Again we got an unfair war matching. :anguished:
Our score:

Their score:

The matchmaking of our last war worked properly, but this time there is 11k difference between our war scores.


We are the same, we have a much stronger opponent, it’s sad that those in charge are not interested at all, especially that we have a zocc balloon, ninja tower, etc.

Lol… Stupid war. We 84k vs 109k.


What is actually up with the matchmaking?

We have a warscore of 138k and got matched with an alliance who has 86k warscore

This is not in anyway good for Any of our alliances. Wont be a fun war for either part


Quantum Legend isn’t happy with this matchup either. They feel it’s unfair. This huge difference in war score is just inexcusable!

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Got us this war too, they’re much stronger than we are without being an obvious shuffle team (no widespread new joining dates):

War Score: +15,000 difference

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Which is why I posted as well. It’s important that these (mis)matches are reported.

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Are you kidding me? Again?

what are you thinking?

If the result is already made. why do we have to war?

where is this game going?

We got a pretty big mismatch as well today with a 9k war score difference. One of our members is opted out this war, so I assume one of the opponents is opted out as well.

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Well, this is just small mismatch compared to some of the others here - but that’s still a 5K War Score difference.

Also, we have one more member than they do so its not likely to be a simple side effect of an opt out.


And here from our sister alliance. A 10K point mismatch.


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