[MASTER] War mismatch - 136k vs. 108k war score (and other similar mismatches from other alliances)

Oh really. Apply for Small Giant team then!
What are you waiting for?

I’m sure they will be delighted to have someone of your caliber resolving their silly mistakes.

Maybe you shall apply as you clearly are acting as their lawyer. They may need a marketer like you to tell everyone to deal with the issues they face so they never have to work again in their life.

And FYI I already manage a massive corporation’s IT team and SG can’t afford me :slight_smile:

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Lol, they should really pay me high to face this things everyday.

Pass, thanks.

This is tiresome.

If there’s 4 alliances in the entire game, 3 with 30 players and one with 29, then what is the matchmaking algorithm supposed to do?

Now expand that to the tens of thousands of alliances there actually are and do you seriously think there’s always an even number for any given number of players? Or at any given war score band?

The fact that they have a roughly equal war score while having one more player means they are weaker than you on average. When you’re talking about 3v4, that’s a LOT weaker.


But there is not, is it? We have been playing roughly two months like this, how come this did not happen before?

I agree. It is really exhausting explaining why alliances with uneven number of members should not be matched.
Well, let me try one last time:
We won the war by less than a one-shot. We had 48 flags, used all of them, had 44 one shots, 2 fails, and 2 successful cleanups. We had extremely lucky boards, otherwise we would have lost. They had 60 flags, failed 13 times (one time with zero points), If they had 12 instead of 13 fails, they would have won.
So, alliance A with 2 fails looses from the alliance B with 12 fails? That is good matchmaking? If you still think it is, I really think we have nothing to discuss about.

Best of luck!

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That means game is already dead so there is absolutely no reason to discuss anything. But that is not the case here. So you brining a non existing case to debate users whom report a very important bug in the game is the main issue here.

Why do and others continue to defend the bugs in this game is something no one can explain.

@Guvnor can there be a new rule implemented for Bug reports to prevent this?
It is really irritating to debate with users just for the sake of reporting bugs. Seriously this type of responds make no benefit to the game and will push users away from reporting critical bugs.

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If there is an alliance of players who just do combining tiles and have no strategy, they might never win an alliance war if they are not presented with easier opponents. With you it’s the other way around. Obviously you are quite successful and might win almost all alliance wars if you’re not paired against stronger opponents. For me it seems, the algorithm found a very close match, which is intended. You’re opponents next time might get even more close to a win finally and you might get an even impossible to win matchmaking.

My alliance lately won 5x in a row and was paired against a much stronger opponent this time. We were 29 players, our opponent were 28. Even being six flags up we lost by more than 2000 points. It seems like an all time low in our score and we never had an opponent before who cleared us 4x. So last weekend matchmaking put an end to our victory streak which seems okay to me.

There is a huge difference in 6 flags more in AW 5 vs 4 and 29 vs 28. In 5 vs 4 it is 25% more flags, in 29 vs 28 it is like 3,5% more.

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That wooshing sound you hear is the point going over your heads. @Zathrus gave a numerically easy to comprehend example to illustrate why this will happen, not saying that the game literally only has 3 alliances with 30 members.

Since mismatching is “very simple to prevent”, why not humor the hypothetical and say how all the alliances in Zathrus’s example can be evenly matched? Or if the low number still bothers you, why not say how you would create even matches for 10,001 alliances with 30 members. Or even more generically, how would you match an odd number of alliances with the same number of war participants?

Given that people shift in and out of alliances, opt in and out of wars, and that matchmaking occurs for anywhere between 1-30 participants it is a mathematical certainty that mismatches will happen for some alliances (likely every war) when attempting to match every alliance without dropping participants.


The problem (as i perceive it) is that those members number/alliance flags mismatch seems to happen less before for them.

Could be or not, as it may still be just a random occurence happened to them more often them before just by chance and dictated (as explained before) by uneven numbers of alliances with their specific parameters (that they seems to not understand all the alliances DON’T HAVE).

Could it be intended, as pairing different numbers of members fill better the gap in strenght, making matchmaking more close or even.

Fact is they apparently do not care of the second hypothesis.
Different numbers are not good, no matter how even the strenght of the opponents are, no matter how better overall the matching is.

They simply refuse this solution (even if eventually better) because… reasons.

Duh, ok.

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Don’t get me wrong, that is not my duty to resolve nor yours or anyone else on this board.

We are end-users, not the developer or project manager.
The solution can be implemented in many different ways, SG is the god in this game, they can update rules, requirements any way they see fit.
They have access to both code and the rules defined in the game and they have full authority to change them.

PashaHill already give a solution, if matchmaking finds teams un even, re try
Didn’t work again?
Can’t find a solution via codebase, think about what you can achieve with minor rule changes such as dividing alliances into groups according to the number of users and set new rules in place such as in order to join a war - you must have X amount of players etc…

I am not saying this is the way to resolve don’t get me wrong, I am just saying I am End-user and it is NOT my duty to find the solution. The developers are getting paid to find solutions for issues like this, SG is getting paid by players to have a bug free solution.

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Is the alliance you faced with more player a stronger alliance as well? I thought, if the alliance you face have more players their players would be weak than your alliance to balance things out? We faced a alliance with one extra player but that alliance have lower levelled players making it a bit fair.

Hopeful you are not facing powerhouse teams and there’s more of them too?


There’s a pre-existing thread which explains in detail how matchmaking is conducted (this one: Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response) MASTER) plus info is outlined on the Support Articles.

A common misconception is that Even Numbers is the prime directive of matchmaking. It actually isn’t.

Matchmaking prioritises the WAR SCORE first and foremost for alliances with +/- 2 members.

The WAR SCORE is a mathematical function of:

  • Top 5 heroes per OPTED IN player
  • Top 30 heroes per OPTED IN player
  • Top 5 troops per OPTED IN player
  • Personal war history for last 20 wars per OPTED IN player (note this changed. It used to be a function of the ALLIANCES history… But was changed to close a loophole that was being exploited to gain easy matches).

It’s possible that numerical (perceived) mismatches in numbers are occurring more often now that it uses the individuals history not the alliances history as there are now more alliances in the brackets these days…

I don’t know personally as I’m not QA or even staff.

This message is just to correct the misinformation being accidentally spread.


@guvnor my friend i am not questioning war matchmaking. In fact from my perspective that issue is resolved really good. All our latest matches we face even teams.

The issue i am pointing out is different. It is the points gathered during the war.

Cleaning all teams will grant you 1500 points.
Average gain is calculated via 1500/Number of players in an alliance

At the moment the calculation is working vice versa.

Let me make it more clear for you.
Lets take 2 alliance that match each other
Alliance 1 with 10 players total 60 attacks
Alliance 2 with 15 players total 90 attacks

Current instance
Alliance 1 averages 100 points per win and if they win all their matches, they can score 6000 points
Alliance 2 averages 150 points per win and if they win all their matches, they can score 13500 points

If the issue was corrected the end result will be
Alliance 1 averages 150 points per win and if they win all their matches, they can score 9000 points
Alliance 2 averages 100 points per win and if they win all their matches, they can score 9000 points

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Both teams were really evenly matched on war defenses. Defences ranging from 4100 to 4650 ish. We won overall our defences hold strong but again winning or loosing is not my problem. I just care to correct an issue that could effect all ongoing wars. If there is an algorithm bug, it could be effecting every war and it can easily be missed by players.

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Alliance 1 has more better heroes so can achieve more one shots than Alliance 2. Thus, even tho Alliance 2 has numerically MORE flags & defences for Alliance 1 to clear, Alliance 1 does better thanks to better Points per Flag used.

The assumption you’re making is that Alliance 1 & Alliance 2 are equal in all other ways other than their number of opted in players. Which cannot be the case as of that WAS the case, then their war scores would be so far apart that they wouldn’t be matched in the first case.

What if there’s an invisible cap that don’t allow alliance 2 to go over 6000 points once they reach it? :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not making any assumptions, i am telling what is happening and as you can see above this is happening more then once lately. 3 different alliances report similar issue.

Player levels in both alliances similar
Defence similar

The only difference is alliance with more players score higher point.

If we need to make assumptions, we need to assume that when player and defense levels are similar, the hero amount they have shall be similar.

Of course no one other than devs can know that as they can investigate logs , player teams and see why this happens and this is what me and other players demand.

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Again that is a question you need to direct to devs , i have no access to the code and i hate doing assumptions on algorithm’s that are defined by devs which you can’t see.

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Then if you are not sure there’s one, you can’t be sure there’s no one either.
There could be actually already be in place one, but you insist there’s a bug because one alliance could potentially gain more points of another in optimal condition.

You’re assuming something you actually don’t know :slightly_smiling_face:

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