[MASTER] War mismatch - 136k vs. 108k war score (and other similar mismatches from other alliances)

Exactly and their regulator cant see why I postes the pictures. I could just wrote about it Then they Will ask for screenshot and when i did post screenshot they cant see why.

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So, our alliance (4 of us) got matched with an alliance of 5 members. We did not have mercs or anyone joining alliance since last war, but we got matched against an alliance with one member and six flags more.
Our war scores are almost identical, but we should not be matched with a opponent with 25% war flags more than we have. Fix the damn matchmaking algorhytm already!

The current war we are playing against 1 more enemy than us. Normally you do expect our wins to have a higher score as we have fewer players but it is just the opposite. The enemy is scoring around 80+ on win’s we average around 78.

Before the war starte we were discussing that a loss was evident after winning 3 in a row and game is making sure of it this time :slight_smile:

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Hello there.
The second time in a row we get an opponent with one player more than us. I do understand all that war score/heroes/troops etc things but it’s pretty much ridiculous matching because it’s both 6 flags more and thicker shot scores they get. Double disadvantage. To us it’s a completely broken war matching.
Why wouldn’t you at least level 6 extra flags from one side by giving less total points of defence from the other one (not 1500 but proportionally less). If the alliance with more players is weaker then 6 flags is more than enough for the balance!

There is clearly a major bug on how war points are calculated @Petri @Guvnor can you please get this investigated.

If a team has more players, they get more points for their win. This is a MAJOR bug.

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I reported this as a bug report because there is clearly a major bug on how scores are calculated atm Alliance War win points on Un even Player counts


May you post this war actual score please?

As you see above, even with 1 more person that war is pretty even and that prove an excelent matchmaking.

Having more attacks but less heroes eventually balance things out.

For me, complaining at the start of the war is just silly.

Many people start complaining and then won.

Having 25% war flags more is HUGE advantage, not a silly compliant.

Edit: the problem with matching alliances with different number of members in AW is even more unfair then uneven war score.

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I will do an exagerated example just to make you understand:
You will say four lv 30 alliance paired with two level 90 players would be mismatched against the second alliance?

Because that’s what you are saying.

Having more members not always is an advantage.

And here i’m showing 100% more flags.

But it is…
We (alliance of 4) are paired with opponent (alliance of 5). We did 22 of 24 OS and 2 CU. They failed 10 times yet still have a chance to win. You say that is not an obvious advantage?
Edit: Also, we get on average 300 points per OS, they get 375.

Could be an advantage, but if it is not for granted that they will win, i don’t see any broken algorithm.

First and foremost, you need an even number of alliances with same members to pair all them correctly.
If you have an uneven number, there’s simply no way to put them all togheter.
At least one is out.

Then that alliances must be half the same strenght of the other half.
Even here, more easy to say that to do.

Considering all this, having some wars with different number of alliance members seems to me just plain normal.

Ok, let me put it this way:
They get more points per OS (and CU).
They get more attempts for OS.
Theoreticaly, they can make maximum 9k points, we can make 25% less.

You will never see lvl90 paired with lvl30 (our ally lvl 60 to 72, their lvl 53 to 60).
It is obvious missmatch, and it should be prevented with very basic coding (number of alliance X members equals number of alliance Y).

If there is a soccer match between Man UTD and Doncaster, and they allow Doncaster to play with 14 on the field, would you call that “normal” also?

Just deal with it dude, as i said before there’s no way to make all the people happy.
You can have the best algorithm in the world, but if you simply don’t have the right numbers you simply can’t.

You can try to be as close as possible to it, but never perfect.
You guys are asking for perfection, which is impossible.

Let me ask you one thing on reverse: will you prefer a match against an overall more similar strengh alliance (but with 1 more person), or a clearly stronger alliance with your same numbers?

On the first it’s difficult, but you may win.
On the second you can’t win.

Which one is more “fair”?

Weird issue is why you continue to ignore the abnormality and ask people who face with abnormality to deal with it.

There is clearly an issue and it is every players right to ask it to be fixed.

Why ignore this reality and blindly defend the game ? What will you gain from it?

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It is NOT normal to match alliance with different number of members. It is very simple to prevent and it should NOT happen. Period.

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Nothing, i don’t gain anything.
I just don’t understand utopian requests, and how you guys refuse to see the obvious problems on matching thousend of alliances that are clearly all different and none have the same exact strenght, heroes, numbers and so on.

It is unreasonable.

The issue passed beyond matchmaking but surely feel free to continue to ignore it.

The issue now effects how many points you gain from matchs and a completely wrong calculation happening,

Cleaning all teams will grant you 1500 points.
Average gain is calculated via 1500/Number of players in an alliance

At the moment the calculation is working vice versa.

Let me make it more clear for you.
Lets take 2 alliance that match each other
Alliance 1 with 10 players total 60 attacks
Alliance 2 with 15 players total 90 attacks

Current instance
Alliance 1 averages 100 points per win and if they win all their matches, they can score 6000 points
Alliance 2 averages 150 points per win and if they win all their matches, they can score 13500 points

If the issue was corrected the end result will be
Alliance 1 averages 150 points per win and if they win all their matches, they can score 9000 points
Alliance 2 averages 100 points per win and if they win all their matches, they can score 9000 points

And you ask players who face this issue : Just go on with it…

Alliances with less players average less points on winning their matches. This result an unwinnable situation with less players.

Hope you finally decide to think and understand the latest big bug in the game.


I understand all of that. Clearly.
It is on paper unfair.

On. Paper.

But until some war will end as you described, it is an easy solution for balancing things out when you don’t have anymore alliances with same strenght and same numbers to match em up.

And it WILL happen every war.
Be sure of it.

So for me the easy way to see a mismatching is a huge difference in score at war end. Period.

Is it wide? Mismatched.
It is not? Not mismatched.

People here complaint even on a 2 points difference.

That’s absurd.
You don’t like how but It is a great matching.

That’s the only meter i consider.

Show me a war against a more people alliance that result in a crashing defeat, then i will consider your concern.

Until then, you are trying to lecture programmers that do that everyday without knowing anything.


Dude the ignorance you have is beyond imaginable.
Come on, this is extremely easy to correct.

This is a BUG in the algorithm that calculates war scores and shall be corrected. Period…

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