[MASTER] War mismatch - 136k vs. 108k war score (and other similar mismatches from other alliances)

Mistake made. Lesson learned.

ok lets go back to the war match making. i will clearly show you that it is a obvious bug.

Firstly there is too much difference in war point.

Secondly even strong alliance war member is 30 and weaker alliances war member is 29. which means they have 6 more flags.

Is this war? or massacre?

any of these alliances have new members?

nope it was 29 and 30 from the start of matching.

just wonderin if the mishaps in war score calcs are due to the new individual war score makeups or not

best of luck in your loss

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My comment wasn’t directed at you in particular, and you were perfectly civil.

I waded back into the Forum and moderating a bit more today, and stumbled into several piles of people venting about various things in threads and a few flags.

As @Sarah2 identified (and I replied to above), the experience was a reminder why I stepped away from assisting with that sort of stuff to begin with.

My post here (this one) isn’t constructively on topic or contributing to this thread’s actual purpose, but I did want to clarify that for you.

I’m going to mute this thread and bow out now, since we know the Small Giant Staff will follow up when they have an update.



who in the world would like to play if there is no chance to win from the start. That made me feel bad from yesterday and still got no answer. As a heavy spender I am really disappointed and Sorry Rigs if i was sound offensive.

Just in case you missed it, there was a response from SG.


Thanks for the info. I will wait for update.

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Just to play a little devil’s advocate (I feel like I’ve been doing that a lot lately, lol :smiling_imp:):

Our alliance:

Their alliance:

Even matchup

My new alliance last war overpowered our opponents; this time the matchup looks like a practical joke from our perspective. What are they thinking?

We have a similar issue here.
Looks like we are facing a too low alliance.

Our score:

Versus their score:

We had 1 player join in between wars that is a lower level then average level in our alliance.

We are even facing a non green/telly alliance since a very very long time.

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We have had the same problem on both ends.

First our alliance (which is fairly well astonished) went against a fairly new alliance with their highest team member was around 20th player level and an army around 3,000 points.

Then last Wednesday’s tournament, we were totally out classed. With over half of the opposite teams had armies with 4,000+ (we have 3 teams with 4,000+).

I didn’t look at the overall alliance scores in either case. But neither were very fun. One was way too easy, and the 2nd way too hard.

We lost our war by a large margin. With opponent’s 25% better war score, it was a slaughter. We lost 6,325 - 4,176. Pretty brutal - and they still had a few flags remaining after their 4th reset. I had some players threaten to quit because of this one. (Had one quit on Sep 14). The enemy was also gaming the system with two level 50+ players using 1* heroes. Worst war lose I’ve experienced.

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Why is this war so mismatched I mean seriously guys…


Is this the current matchmaking topic? Something has to be done. We are facing a team were the opposing side has 2 members at 69 days as the oldest members. They have grinded us to a pulp. Even wars are now becoming a major drag. No longer can you whittle away at opposing heros to do joint team damage.

We desperately need a new rank system for placements and a way to reduce players from just starting a new alliance. A system in place will place similar ranked teams with matching war scores together. This would prevent an alliance newly formed from fighting an alliance like ours thats 2yrs old. I know could still be abused, but make it so all players can only make 1 alliance.

Our scores don’t even match!!!

TheExiled still has 14 flags left. Also, those are overall scores - need to compare war scores.

As expected we lost some attacks but won the war with a very very big margin and looks to become the alliance best total score ever.
This is not the way we want to have it and really are looking forward to close wars that are decided in the last 10 flags.

They’re working on it, albeit from a different angle.
From another thread:


We were 4500 underdogs bug it looks like we’ll win by a couple hundred points, we had a decent team performance but as always, there is room for improvement.

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