Master - Version 43 Changes - Not a bug

Creating a master topic to merge miscellaneous threads about bug reports that aren’t actually bug reports but simply changes made as part of version 43. Actual bugs related to v43 should remain their own thread to be addressed. This is also an easy way to copy and paste specific parts of the release notes (I wish we could quote parts of the version release notes).

Common issues I forsee:

  • Inari now does damage
  • Thoth summoned a minion for multiple hereos
  • Ninja Tower does not have 50 floors
  • Cleric mana shield

Release Notes

  • Ninja Tower Event updated:
    • Floors split into two difficulties:
      • 25 Normal Floors
      • 50 Impossible Floors
    • New Stage Properties added to the Impossible difficulty
      • Deadly Chambers: Unnerving Resilience, with 3 different variations
    • Blessings every 2 stages, Rare Blessings every 6 stages
  • Santa’s Challenge updated:
    • New Costumes for Santa Claus, Mother North and Krampus
    • Legendary Winter Heroes and their Costumes added to Hero Academy
      • Changes will be enabled once the Event starts
  • Atlantis Event updated:
    • New Costumes for Ariel, Ursena, Kageburado and Poseidon
      • Also available in Hero Academy
  • New Tome Items added:
    • Epic Tome of Experience
    • Legendary Tome of Experience
    • Tome of Golden Emblems
    • Tome of Ascension
  • New Trainer Troops added:
    • 4 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic
    • Trainer Troop gift for all players on Black Friday Week (Nov 24th-25th)
  • Black Friday Summon added
  • Hero Balance Changes:
    • Salmon Loki: Damage dealt to Holy enemies each turn increased from 126 to 484
    • Dark Lord: Corrosive Poison damage each turn increased from 64 to 144
    • Crystalis: Corrosive Frost damage increased from 42 to 54
    • Inari: Added Direct Damage of 180% to all enemies
    • Thoth-Amun: Direct Damage increased from 215% to 235%; Minions are now summoned for the caster and nearby allies instead of only the caster
  • Stage Balance Changes:
    • Balance Changes to Season 2, Province 14 Stage 10
    • Balance Changes to all Tavern of Legends Quest Stages featuring Thoth-Amun
    • Balance Changes to Impossible Floors in Tower of Magic
    • Deadly Chambers: Unnerving Resilience Stage Properties added to Impossible Floors in Tower of Magic
  • All Balance Changes will be enabled after all players have updated to this version

Other changes and fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling gets stuck on Challenge Event rewards, rules & leaderboard view
  • Fixed an issue where Health Increase blessing didn’t affect heroes’ health in Magic Tower
  • Fixed an issue where heroes owning fiends would sometimes get healed while being in the ghost mode
  • Fixed an issue where the popup " Are you sure you want to leave the Alliance? Wars have started! " which was supposed to be shown during the active war phase was displayed also during the war end phase
  • Skadi’s Mana generation reduction stack, Lepiota’s Abyss and Balbar’s Sleep are now resisted by “Resist negative mana effects” passives and Cleric’s Manashield talent
  • Improved Elradir’s Special Skill & passive description and also the passive skill descriptions for Hanitra, Balbar, Alexandrine and Chakkoszrot. They now mention that negative/positive stacks are affecting them as well
  • Fixed an issue where a player couldn’t view other players’ Alliance from the leaderboard view on Challenge Events and Tournaments if they viewed another player within that Alliance
  • Fixed an issue where Russell’s special was dodged by Rogue talent
  • Fixed an issue where a connection error occurred when trying to revenge the last opponent in the Watchtower
  • Fixed an issue where the mana bar for the heroes was covered for iPad Mini 6
  • Fixed an issue where Motega’s butterfly Minions damage reduce debuff was considered as a buff
  • Fixed an issue where Mirages of Omega quest enemies had no sound when casting their special skills
  • Improved the icon for Mirages of Omega enemies’ innate resistance against status ailments

Changes will not be effective until Monday at the earliest


Ninja tower does not have 50 floors and costs gems to play, BUG :slight_smile: (not a fan but not a bug)

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Sorry for my ignorance. Can anyone explain what it is, and what it will serve. Thanks

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We don’t know yet. Details have not been announced.


So, I’m not terribly smart about this stuff. Did anybody report that Inari isn’t doing damage? I think I reported to SG, but I’m not sure

it only takes effect when the server is shut down.

Thanks @Ruskin505 for this thread.

So I’ve noticed during raids that after firing tiles that a certain hero on my team can get up to three or four visible hits.
I’ve been playing almost 4 years and I’ve never experienced this in a raid.

Is this just a visual add on?

Has anyone else noticed this today. ?

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I updated my game and it shows version 43.0.1 build 1030, but Inari doesn’t have direct damage and neither does Thoth Amun update. Anyone else getting this @Petri ?

Have Inari and Thoth changes gone live yet? I see other people have said the same and I’m just curious if there was anything said about it. I haven’t been able to find a reason they may have not changed or if there was a specific time. Update was finished rolling out so I just assumed it would have happened - but I could have missed something somewhere.

See above

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I guess I need an explanation

The update does not apply the moment you update your app. SG waits until “everyone” (not sure of the exact criteria) has updated. Then the update applies changes. That hasn’t happened yet.

It would be nice in the future if we knew this time.

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We are planning to force the update on Monday, once we have confirmed that everything is fine with the update and players have had enough time to update. I hope this helps!


It does, a lot actually. Thank you for the information


Thank you for taking the time to give me an explanation, I really appreciate it. In reading your explanation, it actually makes a lot of sense


Thank you! That’s very helpful!

Anecdotally it seems Monday is generally the day changes take effect. Should we use this as a general rule of thumb? Do y’all have an internal process such as “always forceon Mondays”? Or could you publish the intended timeline in the release notes in the future to help clear some confusion please?

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Thx @Petri for the information.

Keep up the good work !

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Thank you, I guess I did miss this. I just assumed everyone had the update since the V43 notes updated to say they were finished rolling the update out. Didn’t realize they had to do a maintenance break. Thanks again.

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only thing i experienced is that all the raid defending heroes dying sound is like you when you kill a chest/seadragon/gremlin/boss now

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