[MASTER] Valor Chests - Add your screenshot of what was in your valor chest here

I was hoping we could all share what we get in our valor chest… since beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one mans trash is another mans treasure… instead of hearing opinons on it we could just share the screenshots!

Hope many will contribute!

Thank you :panda_face: :panda_face: :panda_face: :heart_eyes:


Hi Tea :heart:

Yes, I will share when I eventually open it.


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Thank you … hoping to see some photos. A lot of things ppl call junk. Is good to me. Hahaha

Look like this


I’m curious about what (if any) food is included in both.

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You got your valor chest already? Nice! But how? I am only at lvl38 or 39 right now.

I guess it’s mercing to speed up the titan challenge + 9000 extra points from the elite pass.

I wonder if the asc mat rolls are like in the elemental chest and you were just unlucky, or is it always/almost always gonna be trash like here.

Overall looks nice… or at least not as terrible as I thought… some emblems, flasks, trainers, loot tickets… can’t hate that. At least it’s not potent leaves and an arrow attack. And probably still improvement from just an avatar.


Yea that seems likely. And I agree, the chest is better than I thought. But I also wonder if this was regular valor chest, or the mega valor chest you have to pay for?

Same hoping for full screenshots if possible

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You don’t have to pay for mega valor chest. You only pay for getting it faster than by your regular grinding (or for the comfort that you can skip some of the quests and still get to level 50).

EDIT: Ahh, my mistake, indeed this is the premium path that requires at least the regular pass. I thought you were talking about having to buy Elite pass for this one.

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The only ones who finished today haven’t missed anything and paid for the chest. We will have to wait to see what’s in the other chests I hope more will add. Thank you everyone!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Some have reported a rare mat I’m trying to get them to post.

Says the paid one is like a elemental chest and the free one and extras are like a regular chest but still waiting to see. Ty ty for the attention I hope more will post


Yeah, should be. I’m about to reach level 42 and still 11,875 points short having completed the Win Raids, Defeat Enemies, and Summon challenges. Only the Titan one can be hurried among the 3 remaining challenges.

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I got some videos from ppl of the chests.

All add more to the folder as I get them

3 chests added


Wow somebody really lucked out with the tonic and blade.


Nice prizes for the premium chest. Slightly better than for elemental chest it seems (one extra 4* crafting mat and iron/food packs). Regular chest is meh, so 9 of them are no worthy of extra $20, and that opening animation of premium chest drives me mad. But definitely much better reward than just avatar.

Thanks a lot for info!

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You are being sarcastic right?

20$ for most likely few emblems and probably 4/5 ETT/EHT that’s really not worth it…

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That’s exactly what he said, though - unless there was a sneaky edit.

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