📯 [MASTER] Valhalla Forever -- Discussion & Portal Stats/ Summons Results!

Now that all 5* have costumes can we expect to see the rest of 4/3* costumes any time soon?

was the last “base” 3* I haven’t summoned from Valhalla! (and yes don’t worry, I charged my phone soon after)


Out of curiosity, despite how “random” these unique enemies are, has anyone ever documented which levels might be the best for seeking out unique enemies? For this one, Midgard Gnomes. I encountered 1 when using loot tickets and am now at 95 coins and want to find 1 more to get another 5 coins and do a pull.

But I really hate feeling like I’m wasting my flags for nothing.

I was going to say the same thing, I have a feeling that your best chance of getting one is on stages with the most enemies on it and from what I’m seeing as I’m progressing is that at least in the later provinces the elite stage have 5 waves but I think there is a spreadsheet out there with the average enemies per each stage

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I just used elioty33’s data vault for stages in season 3 and added a column to my copy that calculate the total number of mobs per stage my multiplying the average per wave by the number of waves and then I sorted it and I can see what stage has the most mobs in it. There are actually a bunch with 17.32 mobs per stage but the earliest is Province 5 Stage 2.

Daily check in gave enough Valhalla coins to do a pull, and yanked out c. Sif. I’ll take that. Working on regular Norns from SE, but may have to prioritize Sif. Thoughts?


From my mystic summon.

A good upgrade to my normal Kvasir :honeybee:


Costume is new :slight_smile:


I Finally finished getting all the missions completed, so now just farming xp. 10-10 is Elite Monsters, Goblin’s pop up or should I farm 10-9?

Not using Lure