📯 [MASTER] Valhalla Forever -- Discussion & Portal Stats/ Summons Results!

Not sure how you are online from 1982 since internet exists since early 1990’s

Maybe white lines, then?

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The Web came out in the early 90’s, modems were available for home computers at least early 80’s.

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Ok but the term online is not for local networks

This VF has been good for gnomes and coins for me. 6 of the 18 gnomes I’ve found so far have given me coins … totalling 50 coins

3 of those gnomes all came in the same stage , with 2 in th same wave

Managed a summon… dupe Bjorn C. Oh well, +1 for fated summon counter

I’ll just enjoy the good gnome luck while it lasts



I had 100 coins and was waiting the new PoV to make 1 summon. I got the hammer man :heart_eyes:


I started this VF with 64 coins, my early farming got me lucky with 2 gnomes giving 15 coins total, so I decided to push on to get a summon.

took a while, but 14 gnomes in I got a total of 51 coins. Got An-Windr, but at least FS counter moves up one.


Of all legendaries to pull, I get graced with Horghall lol, oh well SE is coming soon enough

7 pulls got her


I don’t get it, I pulled some guy called Loki, in the portal he has a blue face and in my roster he has a white face.

It’s a stupid game and he looks rubbish!

Lord Loki? There are three different Loki#s in this portal.
However, the thing with the blue face is the costume of Lord Loki.

What costume, like superman or something?

Exactly, just check the shop for a callbox to unleash his full power.

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Correct me if Im wrong but do all legendaries in valhala have costumes now?

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2 days of farming, 14 goblins found. 0 have dropped coins. I’m 95/100 on coins for a Valhalla summon. Tired of all the junk these goblins drop, what’s the point?! Even before the lure the drop rate seemed horrendous, but is it worse now?

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Yup, so, now we wait patiently for the next round of Valhalla 4* costumes? maybe even extra 3* costumes?

Or probably new 5* heroes to get added in to make the portal attractive again

another question is when will we see other seasons with 2 costumes

Next year, Atlantis heroes with C2

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When you go on a drought for an entire month - no 5*, not even S1 - but then, after roughly 250 pulls, this all happens…

It started a few hours ago, when I got a tabard from the titan…

…thought “hmm… that’s lucky” and tested my subsequent luck in the Covenant and Pickup Summons. After 8 coin pulls + a ten in Pickup landed zilch, I continued in my defeatism. Took a break, came back an hour later… Filled my raid chest, and boom, a tonic.

Right then and there, I figured I’d give Valhalla a shot, hoping this finally meant some luck. I only have a single Valhalla 5* costume (Sif) - that I pulled well over a year ago now - which made Freya my new #1 want here (but I wouldn’t mind either of the other two featured: Bera or Frigg, either). Heimdall, Alfrike and Lord Loki would be my other top choices, but being unfeatured, knew to bank less on that. So I went in, and while no 5* immediately showed up, my very first chest gave me:

… a scope. Nice, third 4* mat today :sunglasses:

Then, the very next pull…


Utter shock. Cannot believe it, as I haven’t even been taping my pulls anymore, as they’ve been so disappointing and depressing… but man, this threw me… really wish I caught it on camera. But I still had pulls in the bank, so kept on pulling, and three pulls later…

Whaaaaaat?! How?!

Literally the best unfeatured I could ever hope for :heart_eyes:

So in disbelief, I figured my :poop: was hot, and bought all remaining web store offers: equating to 11 more pulls. And I was right, as five pulls later, out he pops…

OMG :exploding_head:

& As a bonus, I finally pulled Fura’s costume :grin: Only Almur and Sumle to go!

Then, the very next, and last, chest?

Four 4* mats and three 5*?!?!

Not to mention, I got double HOTM when I did my sole ten in Pickup. So today has just been… insanity. I always go through droughts right before Black Friday / Solstice, but usually they break during the event. Very happy to start tomorrow fresh, and only hope this luck continues. Least those I’ll be sure to tape :sweat_smile: really wish I caught all of this on video, damn. But hey, I’ve still got my in-game history, so for transparency:

23 Coin Pulls Total

Can’t believe I started my day with only one S3 5* costume, and ended with four… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Tbh, who knows how many more I could’ve pulled in that hot streak, had I kept going :sweat_smile: I’ll probably try a little more in the next couple days just to see if this streak continues (usually when a portal is kind, it’s kind throughout its duration), but either way, I’m satisfied :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ll take a drought anytime, if this is how they all end :heart_eyes: Yowza :drooling_face:

Hoping for shared similar luck all around :crossed_fingers::sparkling_heart: Especially for Black Friday


Seems I was right :smiling_face:

What an excellent haul :heart_eyes: Four new 5* costumes and a new 4*, but still missing Almur and Sumle, darnit!


Congrats Randa. I hope to hear more good summon news from you this week.

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Managed a free pull and got Almur with costume.