📯 [MASTER] Valhalla Forever -- Discussion & Portal Stats/ Summons Results!

Wtf? :scream: I think this was my best 10 pull ever!


Anyone else having issues getting gnomes this time around? I usually get 2 - 3 per WE flask but am still sitting at 0 after 2 flasks.


Yep, I had 3 flasks (63 energy each time) and I have found only 1 gnome. I usually find at least 5-10 by now

Same. Something definitely seems different in gnome spawn rates.

Decided do do a gem pull, I had some from POV premium side and got Ei-Dunn and her costume. I got rid of her ages ago to free up space, but now I have plenty of space, I will max her and the costume. I never used to use her, but I definitely prefer her costume, so will likely use her now in events/tournaments when I can

Hey, folks:

The last time I posted, I was asking where the Valhalla event is because I couldn’t see it. Turns out S3 wasn’t available to me yet. Once I hit level 15 in S2, S3 opened up so I’ve been busy taking advantage of Valhalla! Oh, the XP! (And the world energy savings so I can earn even more!)

Now what I’d like to know is when and how will I encounter a “Midgard gnome”? (I assume it’s something desirable.) Will it simply be one of the enemies (in which case I won’t even know it’s there unless I check the name of every enemy)? And why are the gnomes important? Will they drop some sorta loot I want?

Have I perhaps already encountered a few? If so, what evidence should I look for?

I don’t even know what I should be asking about these things, but because the Valhalla tooltip mentions the gnomes, I assume it’s because it’s important info, but what, exactly, am I sposta be excited about?

I’d sure be grateful if someone’d tell me how to recognize one and why I wanna encounter one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go tackle some more levels during Valhalla!

Thanks very much,


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It looks like an ugly pale green clown

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When you find one, I’m certain you’ll know. He’ll be the lawn ornament that’s taking the spot of a regular mob in the level. He’s quite rare (without enabling the monster lure), can appear during any wave, will be more common in higher levels, will feel like he’s twice as hard to kill as everyone standing around him, and will give you an extra loot bundle on top of the normal stage loot, and maybe drop you a Valhalla coin or 2.


It looks like this and he is ALWAYS red/fire element


Is that it in the image below (the unfortunate-looking green child)? Good thing I asked, as I was expecting something that looks like Gnomer (you know: the kinda thing you see on folks’ lawns), but ain’t nobody putting that thing on their lawns!

Thanks for the giggle! :kiss:

@notyou87 Bleah! I’m kinding thinking maybe I’ve been lucky I haven’t encountered him yet, as he resembles those kids you see out in public who’re very shouty, who run everywhere without watching where they’re going, and who ruin your day/evening. :confused: I’m getting a headache just looking at him.

I really appreciate the image; now I now I haven’t encountered him … and I’ll brace myself in case I do. I’m grateful for the help! :kiss:

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Thanks a million, GraveS, for the thorough description! I definitely haven’t encountered one yet, then. It’s all been more or less just the same levels I’ve been playing in the other two seasons, with nothing out of the ordinary.

(Tell me something: is “mob” a typo? If not, I’d be grateful if you’d lemme know how you’re using it. Thanks!)

And he apparently IS rare, as I’ve now played 39 levels in S3 during Valhalla, and I’ve not seen anything like you describe. :confused:

I’ll keep watching out for him; I appreciate the assist! :kiss:

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“Mob” is short for “mobile” and it’s term that comes from computer games to indicate a mobile enemy. It’s a term I first picked up the habit of using about 22 years ago while playing Everquest.

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They should come up with new gnomenclature for this guy.


I’m trying to decide whether or not that pun comes up short.

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Huh; I’ve been online since 1982 (not a typo), and I’ve never heard “mob” before. I’m still having difficulty grokking it, though; if it means “mobile character,” what is a “non-mobile” one? I can’t think why we need the term. (I just woke up; is my brain not awake yet? Is that why I can’t understand?)

(And I got all excited when one of the enemies was a pair of ugly troll kids; I thought I’d found the gnome! They looked like the screenshot here but with hair.)

We use the term so it’s easier than having to remember the actual name of every single “mob” enemy, since there are so many different ones, for different seasons in the game and different events, etc so calling it a “mob wave” or a “mob” is just much easier

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This is topic on E&P lingo the op might find interesting :wink:

I think the initial term was something like “mobile asset”, and just indicated something that moved in the game rather than a stationary graphic asset, like a tree. Common usage when I started EQ, (as well as when I played WoW and V:SoH) was in reference to an enemy NPC. It was handy because it was short and quick to type. I haven’t played an MMORPG in 6 or 7 years now, but it was a common term for the 14 or 15 years I did play

When it walks into your house.

They’re gnomeless

I got nordri and fura costumes. I accidentally fed away Fura though. Oh well :rofl:

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