📯 [MASTER] Valhalla Forever -- Discussion & Portal Stats/ Summons Results!

I’ve got one Alfrike. I think there’s nothing to complain


100 pulls to land: Bera, Sartana, Gefjon (new) and Sif with costume (new).
Hopefully I’ll get the new Quintus costume or Alfrike will be in SE, because I won’t spend a single euro to chase Xeno or Alfrike, I’m really fed up of getting dupes instead of the featured heroes which are supposed to have higher %. 1% is almost double probability of 0,6%, not to talk about the small probability to land a fourth bera instead of a new purple hero from the portal (or even no purple).


Finally I got her. Valhalla is one of the worst portal for me, out of 55 pulls this time I only got Alfrike and dup hotm but still happy because I was chasing her.

First day -23 pulls , 0 legendary
2nd day -30 pulls , 0 legendary hero
Last day-4 pulls ,2 legendary hero’s




Sigh… :cry:

When Alfrike first appeared I didn’t get there. When she was featured twice during Valhalla 4ever I got Bera instead both times. Now I did 42 pulls and got Norns instead. I have them and they are indeed very useful, but also by far the worst from featured heroes and I obviously lack Sif’s costume and Alfrike, so pulling Norns have the worst added value to me.

Screw you, Alfrike. I wanted you but you don’t care, so zero effort from me now on for pulling you. I will intentionally evade you even during SE unless you’ll be by far the best option. Hoping one of those stupid cubes will fall on your head. :ice_cube:

Also done pulling until Styx and this game better give me one of shiny Event 5* Heroes there. Charon, you’d be good Alfrike replacement.


What featured costumed 5* is supposed to be this monday on valhalla? Any leakers?

Costume Gefjone is next, based on Eliotty prediciton

Anyone else ever pulled this in from a single run?