🏰 [MASTER] Updated Clash of Knights Alliance Quest – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

50x. Got Richard, Obakan and this girl.



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Esme is an excellent hero. Not a lot of anti fiend tech out there so it makes esme an excellent healer

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New one for me.


That’s it, this is officially the worst portal in the game to me. Not a single one of those legendaries since these new gen COK heroes were released

Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to really recreate the luck that I have with Xiamara and Lysanor, or Daemon (who I managed to snag on a free pull from the event when he was released).

I actually kind of wanted Cecilia, particularly given the jump from 40% attack conversion to 60% if you pair her with a friend, but, in any case I have Sha as my other “dodger”. I was also very tempted by Armel if for no other reason than being a fast priority dispel (I need to read up some more on his reviews - e.g. I don’t really see any benefit to his ranger class…)

So, I got pretty much every offer that was <$1.00/pull, and it was looking… bleak… to say the least. I wasn’t even getting a single 5* hero, and then finally, today, in the last batch - out pops Armel! As I was looking through my roster for comparisons, it turns out … he was the wanted one after all :heart_eyes:


So for anyone interested to have an idea of top 1k for alliance score, I know there is still 2/3 of a day left so everything can easily change, but for right now:

my alliance is on 40.4million and we’re ranked 861st


It seems there is something about when you get a good loot from a chest (holy elemental in my case), then it is worth to pull:

Single 300 gem pull result:


That’s an insane amount of luck there! Congrats!

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Hi, is 1 926 058 score enough for top 10k? too lazy to re-hit

Last CoK top 1K alliance required around 45.1 million. You should always assume higher for subsequent AQs. Good luck!

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I have her on my alt. She’s rly good

1.91 million was needed last time - it is higher up in this thread. I hope not much more is needed this time! I am almost to 1.94, but I think I am done replaying too :smiley:

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Me too, I think i could get higher, especially on Epic, but also some on rare for sure, but I dont want to waste items.
I am on 1.958m for now, last time I was 1.953m and was top 10k
Right now I am just under 6100k

I did 2 pulls today :sweat_smile:


1.9M is just outside top 10k with 4.5 hours to go.


Just pulled her and leveled her up Pronto. Cant limit break yet cause i just limit broke moonflower and mother north but she’ll get two breaks soon!!!


Be happy @L33tVortex12596. They are both excellent heros, sure if you are a P2W they are like 3* heros considering the TOP 10 def teams, but for normal players they are great fast heros

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After years of trying, I broke individual top 1K :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Shoutouts to C2 Colen (who I finally pulled ahead of AQ) and my extremely supportive alliance for making it possible! For some players this kind of result is light work. For me it took everything I had :slightly_smiling_face:


Not great, not terrible.

We had 29 members, and 1 member left for another alliance but they did at least contribute 500k