[MASTER] Unused war of 3 Kingdom flags

I know…that’s the plan! :grin:

I really still don’t get this. You’re placed randomly on a team that you have about a .5% chance of affecting. Your team wins or loses regardless of what you do. You lose if you’re placed on the losing team and win if you’re placed on the winning team. Flags have nothing to do with that.

Umm you have a bigger chance on not winning if you don’t play.

Don’t say you will do things then not do them. That’s just a good life thing to follow.

If you don’t want to do the event then don’t say you will.


Is there a way to make sure the devs see this. Here we are trying to make a way to help the event and people are purposely signing up and not using their energy.


It hasn’t even finished yet :man_shrugging:

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I’m more then certain that they’re aware of this already. I’ve signed up for every W3K so far and regardless of which kingdom. Once I sign on then my flags are committed. How many folks sign up and then learn that they’re in Wei and already feel defeated. All kingdoms have flags leftover but would guess there’s a higher frequency with Wei. Developers need to work with either the disincentives and the incentives. How do you make folks care whether or not they use there flags. I bet they don’t use there titan flags either. Best we can do as players…is that when we do sign up…we keep our word.

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Lets be real the loot isnt good, its okay if you win everything and end up 1st place but beyond that which is highly unlikely i find it so hard to actually enjoy this mode.

Majority of people dont use flags, i love the huge war style but the left flags is just silly especially considering theres 700+ left every time.

But not only do you have left flags you have people spamming the attack button on teams youre currently fighting so if you dont win they get the easy cleanup, you kill 4 heros get 8points, they kill 1 and get 23? To make it even worse the players doing it are a way higher level, im lvl 67 FTP and yet lvl 90s are stealing kills for points?

All of this hassle for bad loot? Maybe i shoukd just leave flags lke everyone else and save the effort and time.

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I feel you. My wife no longer bothers signing up for W3K. That is an option

To not get your kill stolen try fleeing the battle before you lose. Shorter animation means more time to attack again. Works for me.

Just one gamer’s opinion

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I play E&P for the wars and tournaments (PvP). So for players who enjoy wars, W3K is lots of fun (despite the bad loot). But as said above, it is definitely being ruined by the players leaving flags (550 unused flags this time, wtf!) which is very frustrating for the active players who actually care about the war they are participating in.

Unused flags should definitely be penalized in a way or another AND using flags should be incentivized (as for some players, the loot is what counts the most).

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That’s what was getting at. Make any loot given out at the end of the event dependant on suing a minimum amount of flags. Then at least you were out the ones who sign up- don’t play- and get team loot and final ranking loot without ever doing anything. Almost every competitive / semi competitive alliance has war flag rules that we all follow for the same reason. Would only make sense to have the same rules apply here by affecting loot


Really? And what’s to prevent someone from simply going in and fleeing? That’s using the flag as well and takes like 15 seconds to use up all the flags.

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In my wo3k alliance this time i did see folk only maybe hit once and not bother with the rest of hits …that was more then folk who didnt even bother to attack.


Yep. The event needs to be revamped but vast majority of suggestions are quite out there and have zero chance of being implemented.

When POV added war flags usage it didnt necessarily benefit some of the alliances I’ve been in. Folks would run a ‘mop’ just to fulfill there POV. And you could tell…but just couldn’t prove it.

This last W3K we’d roughly 250-300 flags leftover. We’d the one player after making some disparaging remarks walk off leaving 6 flags. Others may have a rough start at first and then throw in the towel. Lots of different personalities out there

You’re absolutely right. Never thought of that. There still has to be a way they can make this better