[Master] Underwild Bat Farming results! 🦇

If you kept track of the coin and emblem drops from your bat harvest post them here!

I farmed 100 bats which spawned:

419 Underwild Coins

118 Emblems:
15 Barb
23 Cleric
00 Druid
06 Fighter
27 Monk
13 Pally
13 Ranger
15 Rogue
03 Sorc
03 Wizard


(Didn’t track what emblems or mats.)


Thank you very much, excellent!

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Did not track but got just under 600 coins and some emblems (under 100)

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Its that time of the month and I’m posting my results to get the thread going again for this month’s “Tremors”.

Day 1, all 25 bats farmed. Results: 153 coins, 3 Barbarian, 8 Druid, and 3 Rogue emblems. Will post again at end of event with all days totalled.

so its more worth to buy on day 3 offer, 5 e 5x pull

Didn’t track yesterday, will try to remember and track next event.
Did get 174 today.
I got 600+ last time round, so that seems in line.

Regarding worth vs. day 3 offer, its a matter of perspective.
You get 10 pulls for the same price as the lure. But in addition you get 120 loot tickets, which is worth a lot to some people. This offer gets me approx 6 pulls + lots of emblems, which is high value


Will post my total loots at end. Busier weekend, so not able to break it up day by day. Between the amount of coins and the loot tix, it was worth it for me last time.

100 world energy today and 0 bats had a total of 10 so far all event only 15coins no lure.

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Wow, that is really harsh. Clearly if you’re not going to buy the monster lure absolutely no point in chasing bats. Save your WE for Atlantis Rises.

Lure is so overpriced at $10 plus taxes. Even with loot tickets. One could farm with free WE and get 10-15 bats and 50 coins and some other stuff and buy 1000 coins for the same amount. So, it’s just a way to add some more offers into the game. Offers have to be apealing to sell, that’s all. People who buy everything will buy, I bought once to test it and won’t do it again

@Kenji69666 It’s not mathematically overpriced. If you pay retail from the shop for the loot tickets and WE flask, that’s 13 bucks, the lure is free. If you don’t buy loot tickets, I can see why it makes no sense. I don’t buy it for the lure, I buy it for the loot tickets and WE flask at a slight discount and save them for AR. The lure is just a bonus because I’d buy the offer without the lure. That’s my personal take, but again, I can see why people don’t like it.


That’s exactly the problem. SG makes bundle offers to appeal to more customers but the problem is they are mostly too expensive for what they offer. For example, $150-200 for no-s1 non-hotm is way too expensive.
Loot tickets and WE flasks are already expensive for what they bring