[Master] Tremors of Underwild - Discussion & Portal / Summon results

Thanks buddy!! for the information given to us all

My Tremors of Underwild experience.

First off I noticed that the closer I came to my max bat capacity the harder the bats were to find. I also needed to use more flags then the previous day to find the same amount of bats. Overall while the experience was not adversive I will not be purchasing monster lure again.

My RNG tends to be on the lower end of the Bell Curve.

In total I recieved
Emblems: 113
Food: medium bundle 6, large bundle 2
Coins: 265

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Imo underwild was good, even better than atlantis. Because at least the bats were easier to kill this time round and they give better quality loot. And I find them coming up occasionally. Atlantis, you just get the useless extra 1* loot and that’s it. It’s basically a backpack farming event anyways. S4 farming just feels fun with better loot
S3 gnomes were the worse, the complete opposite to bats. Hard to kill, don’t show up often, because of that the loot seems so subpar. Overall VF was a slog and never paid attention to that season

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I have only been playing the provinces to finish them, I have had 28/60 bats it says and in total managed several pulls, but my only new hero is Zenobia
She doesn’t seem good to me, so just seemed like a red Zila who I never use

I am going to end with 98/100 coins and not quite be able to make 1 final pull haha, this sucks.
I went from Province 10 or 11 to Province 43 at least

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Zenobia is great for green titans, and for the red stack. Congratulations

I was in the same situation like you. Just try to fight more bats for this last hours, the coins would come.


oh im a dumb idiot, i didn’t even consider titans, yes wow!
I have Jott for red titans, Ratatoskr for blue titans, and now Zenobia for green.

I think maybe I can try do province 1 mission 1 on HARD and get the 2 extra coins for 100, it will be close, I will see - hopefully not a third Dawa lol

1 more pull will let me have the ascension chest too which will be nice

Lol excatly like me earlier, 2 more coins and 1 pull left for the chest so I had to get those 2 coins. Did eventually get coins from the bats and did my last pull.
Pulled useless vollermork but got a tactics, still worth burning up all my tickets

This morning, I have already had 3 bats, literally 1x bat, then the next mission I had 2x bats in it, so I don’t think it will give me another - plus those bots gave me 35 coins total + some iron (10x coins, 15x coins, and iron). I think it is a way to rub it in my face and torment me

Although from those it made me get Zenobia, so not all bad I guess

Ok I did 2x hard mode in Province 4 since they are the same Energy as Normal in Province 34,…

Drumroll… Tyrum + Compass in chest lol

Maybe. Without lure I got 7 in about 25 stages, ~20 of them on hard. But only 10 coins from them :cry:

A solid event
I finished with ten bats which means I can get a full pulls in per year.
More days farming at reduced world energy is good. Between the season events we now have 8.5 days of reduced WE farming per 28 day cycle. I’d rather all seasons have the same boost to loot as well so I didn’t have to only go all out during AR (even if this meant a nerf to AR to buff the other two).

I finally got a 3rd bat last night, with 10 coins lol

it’s still a decent alternative to farming S1 for my monster chest, but am not hoping for too much luck

do we already know how the lures compares to day 3 offer in terms of price/coin?

I have 500+ coins for as soon as this opens tomorrow.
I then have 900 gems I will use on energy refills and complete Hard Mode (I think I have done the first 8 Provinces so far). So that’s about 8 stages per energy fill = 40 coins.
360 coins total, so that will be cool.

There are a lot of heroes I still need from here, so fingers crossed I can get someone new and good


Phileas Fogg and Elizabeth featured again? They were both featured in March, just 3 months ago.
We have 22 heroes in this portal, why they are featuring the same heros over and over?
Saved gems and coins, but will rather wait for the next month.


Well, I managed to do 9 pulls total, all free coins, now I am out of energy/gems for energy…

All pulls were 3* and most were Season 1.
2x renfeld, Belith, Gan Ju, and others

Honestly disappointed, but I did also manage to get 15 bats (I didn’t buy the lure)… I have 2 bats in 1 stage a few times and in total |i think I had about 40 coins from them

Had about 2200 coins, just ripped em off for fun and got Elizabeth on the last coin lol. Wanted her the most and would have loved Fogg as well for the EDD. Anyway, I’m happy they’re doing this with season 4. I should level twice in the next few days. Hope you’re all well and I wish you luck!


Thankfully, I already have Fogg, and Elizabeth would be a nice one to add, but Red is jsut another oversaturated colour…

I’m somewhat tempted to throw some coins at this portal, since I would be happy to get Aouda (or if it’s feeling particularly generous - Zekena), can you tell I need/want more yellow heroes to balance out my roster?? I’ve got my lure active, because I want the other items too, so lets see where I end up at the end of the event for pulls! :wink:

Which s4 level is the best for xp?

usually, it’s 10-10 normal that gives the most amount

Cool thank you buddy