[Master] Tremors of Underwild - Discussion & Portal / Summon results

I have tokens for several summons, but I am waiting until Staff introduces 3-4 star S4 costumes.

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2 pulls this weekend, both Vollermork!! That’s just mean.


After some fairly unlucky Solstice pulls, managed to snag cLepiota which is a decent consolation prize. She still sits at 1/1 but will consider tabards for her in the future if/when I get my magic troop to 29 (for VF charge) :thinking:


My summoning luck remains as poor as ever - another Poppy :cry:

Just pull this :joy:.

At least, she is better than Exeera :joy:.


Tried again…


I used to wonder if the special enemy shows up more the first time you beat a level. Now that I beat the first 10 areas in Underwild for the first time and got less than 1 per area beaten I’m going to go with no. Those bats make scrooge look generous. Not only do they hardly show up I only got 3 emblems sometimes when they did. 3 measly emblems. So the way I figure it after I’ve beaten 12 trillion Underwild stages I’ll be half way to fully embleming a 3* hero.

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or as I might say, ”berjillion” :wink:

But I very much catch your meaning here. Underwild bats primarily exist as an advertisement to buy some Holy Bat Attractant, Batman!

For those who don’t want to shell out, Underwild bats are… largely an extremely occasional minor bonus for folks who are farming to complete avatar quests and the like (which themselves are mostly preying on completionism impulses).