[Master] Trainer Troops? Discussion

Yeah I posed some of those questions in the topic starter. Really I don’t like the idea of waiting 3 more months to use troop tokens. I am guessing they will not be with the regular troop summon, most regular summons do not include trainer heroes for example.

That’s actually a very good point.

I will hold all ETTs till the trainer troop aspect becomes clear…
Just in case they offer the trainer troops via the Troop summons !

Did my troop summons today, happy with the results got a 3rd blue Mana and can move up a level on all my top troops from the feeders. I have my doubts that ETT can pull trainer troops, I think they will be premium for awhile which is why I proceeded with the troop summons.

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I hedged my bets. Had 80 ETT when Ninja Tower opened, used 40 of them.


They are now arrived to the game:

Can someone @Petri maybe, let us know where these can be obtained in the future, now that they’re live?


By purchasing them in deals same as aethers I guess.

They may get added as loot to events I guess but purchase in deals seems the obvious delivery system

Problem there is, I am pretty sure the whales who are the usual target of such offers probably do not need to train their troops anymore; I’ve seen them with 5 maxed manas years ago already.

Unless they target young whales. Not sure though what numbers of those are out there. It’s endangered species nowadays,


Their exp wasnt that much better than standard troops, biggest deal is you can use on any color so for me that was green since I didn’t get that Mana until May this year.

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I’ll take what I can get. Almost 4 years and I don’t quite yet have a full 1st set at 30 yet.


Yeah I haven’t been priotizing my top, working on depth… Just the high exp feeders (3/4/trainer) have been going to my high levels once they hit 23… Trying to get the additional Manas all to 11 and a 2nd to 17 and then maybe I will push for top troops to 29… A few months shy of 3 years. It is a grind!

Disappointing. Barely worth more XP than a feeder trainer troop.

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So, for Black Friday we were so generously gifted 3 trainer troops, which combined aren’t enough to level up a level 13 troop.

Now that they have been introduced to the game, does anyone know of discussions as to where, when, or even IF we may be able to acquire more of these? Either a challenge event, a monthly event akin to Farholme, Morlovia, Frostmarch, or a portal where we can summon them (maybe having them in set up in the troop portal for the Magic tower like the ninja troops in the ninja tower, since we know Zynga is likely going to monetize any chance of us getting more).

I think they are a great addition and will make the grind to level up troops just a bit easier but what we have is a drop in the bucket that, honestly, does a whole lot of nothing.

Yeah It’s an interesting concept but I too was surprised about how qualitatively they don’t upgrade that much. Why have tiers of these if you can’t even upgrade a midlevel troop one level? Do they follow the rules that slow down other troops?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Have asked petri about the trainer troops (I’ll get a response hopefully tomorrow as weekend)
But my gut feeling is we prob hear more about them in the 2022 offical sgg plans thread on the situation


Bet is supposed to be opened back up today, I’m waiting for the update. Hopefully we get more information as Beta testers didn’t have any prior knowledge on them.

Any response on where or when we might be able to expect to see trainer troops? If we’ll be able to summon them?

Seems it might be tough putting them in the ETT portal, if i got a 1* trainer troop i wouldn’t be too pleased since only 100xp, even the 2* trainer worth 270, a 4* troop is better (so the appearance would have to be higher than 4*). i dunno, think 12 could be reg summon portal, and 3* in the ETT portal? just speculating, not really sure where they would fit it.

Hoping we find out, or hear some more, soon though!


Nothing really they will announce when they are so no idea when that will be…

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I think they’re good and the equivalent to trainer heroes. The higher the level the hero/troop is the less xp increase.

I think they’re a great addition to the game and I’m happy to see them.

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