[Master] Trainer Troops? Discussion

Based on the v43 release notes we will soon see trainer troops and something for free Black Friday weekend!

This topic is to discuss the trainer troops (did not see existing thread).

How will they appear?

Should we save troop tokens?

Perhaps trainer troops ARE the black Friday summon given the timing of the free troops?

Any other thoughts are welcome.


I don’t believe the notes said the Black Friday portal would have free stuff.

EDIT: nevermind. I see what you meant right about free trainer troops.

I am slow at quoting so I will copy from release notes:

New Trainer Troops added:

  • 4 rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic
  • Trainer Troop gift for all players on Black Friday Week (Nov 24th-25th)


Maybe sparked by the latest AMA:



I’m super curious as well, I’m sitting on 58 troop tokens and am thinking about the best place to spend 'em.

At this point, anything that will help bump my troops up (highest mana troops are level 17) will be super appreciated.


My guess is that trainer troops are not colour barred, hence they would be useful to fill in shortages. Troop XP from trainer troops should be lower if fed to a different colour, similar to trainer heroes.

Your ETT will still be useful in pulling 3/4* troops, that can only fed to the same element troop. The Troop XP boost will still be better than if I feed a blue 2* trainer troop to a red troop, versus using a red 2* feeder troop.

I hope the trainer troops are added to the Daily Summons and the Troop Summons portal.


Is these new troops work in the same way as trainer heroes, then troop leveling would be quicker. Hope that it comes to Hero Academy as HA9. I’d train trainer troops over retraining a 4* troop into another 4* troop

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Yeah I think that they work the same way as trainer heroes.

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OMG! Finally! It’s so so painful trying to get 4* troops max leveled.


New Trainer Troops added in Update 43:

  • 4 Rarities : Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic
  • Trainer Troop gift for all players on Black Friday Week (Nov 24th-25th)

How does this sound ?

Think we need a topic merge, welcome any discussion, I think the calendar release buried this topic a bit.


I have just seen this in the live game today:


Interesting… In live game? Wonder how they were obtained.

Yes, I have seen this in the live game.
That’s why I was dare to share this picture in a new bug topic.

This is blank player profile. So I have not made any changes on the pictures other than circling the XP icon.
So noone have received it yet.


How does a blank player profile exist? Never seen one lol

Me neither :slight_smile:

I have just started the appliation and I saw this :smiley:

Maybe I have left something open before I have started the application now.

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So here comes the real question related to trainer troops.

How are they going to be released?

Are they going to be available as a bonus in the regular troop summon [or variation of, for example whatever the Black Friday Summon is going to be] for ETTs?

We are approaching Ninja Event. People hoarded ETTs for months since the last one was moved. It’s expected people will zero their ETT balance on that Ninja Troop summon as usual. What if the next week we have a Black Friday Troop summon where the trainer troops are added? Everyone’s already spent their ETTs so only way to get Trainer Troops is to summon them with gems.

Of course it’s just a theorycrafting now, but sadly, SG recently has reputation of holding off on releasing information to ensure people make uneducated decisions instead of hoarding resources (see - Atlantis Costumes added to beta just right after Atlantis, ToL extra chest announcement right after ToL event etc).

As always, I wanted to spend my 70 ETTs right after Ninja Portal is open but this idea has me torn. How about you guys? Are you planning to spend your ETTs on Ninjas, or hoard them just in case Black Friday Summon allows to use them with chance to get trainer troops?


Well you’ve blown my mind and now I’ll be hesitant.


Good, and valid question.

@Petri can you tell this minor detail about these Trainer troops ?
So will we able to pull these with Epic Troop tokens?


I decided after the first mention of trainer troops to hold my ETT.

I can live another 3 months without spending a single token and wait for the next Ninja tower if tokens aren’t used to summon trainer troops.
But I would absolutely hate me if I pulled in the Ninja portal (where I don’t need anything, regardless what I get there it would be just food for my manatroops), and one week later either during black Friday or what else trainer troops would be available with coins.

So until Trainer troops are added into the game I will definitely hold my coins, even if the announce tomorrow that it won’t be possible to get them with coins, I would still wait and see how things really work in the end. I have no stress at all using my coins…


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