[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

@MrMeeseeks, that’s a good idea! It could have you select a hero, tell you the minimum cost to trade (putting in a bid for Athena could tell me minimum 2000 gems, and 3 ice heroes of 3* or higher for example) and then you just wait until someone deposits an Athena as part of their trade.

This would be cool too, because you could trade your duplicate items back for gems maybe as well? Like I’ve got 331 rugged clothes. If I could trade like 3 for 1 gem or something, that could be a useful mechanic as well. It would help the free players.

Is there any plans to put a trading post within an alliance so materials and resources can be traded by alliance members


Never going to happen

Where’s the difference in an alliance or without? I’ll change the alliances every 10 minutes loking for the right AM )
That’s not what the game needs

Inside alliance is good idea. It will avoid to make illegally marketplaces. So players must be member of alliance at least 30 days and after he can recive some help. Also it can be limited how much items he can get per week/month.

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I really dont think it is a good idea to be honest. While alot of people think it looks good on paper, I think it would be being abused. People would just create multiple accounts have up free gems for pulls and hord heroes for themselves. They would invite the alt into the alliance to trade and kick them.

If you think there is a problem with those with deep pockets having an advantage now it would only be worse when people would have access to limitless special offers over multiple accounts.

As much as I would like to trade I don’t think it would create a good environment overall for the game.

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I think that the bridge behind the advertisement tower should be used for an alliance bridge. This would allow us to have an army base that during war our war defense team can go and we can have different war time missions and buildings that we can use to share resources

I think this would be an awesome add, to be able to trade accension materials between other player or with in you alliance. Some accension you neeed seem to never come along while you may have 8 compasses but no trap tools.

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Yes and sg gets paid twice for one card. Leveling is not cheap. 30000 to 100000 depending on the level you are at. Trading should be left to the owners decision. If you are just trading within your own alliance is that not the goal to be a powerful alliance. You own the cards you paid for. Why should someone else be able to tell you how to trade it. Face it the world is not equal. Rich poor ugly handsome or beautiful employed or not. I understand making it fair for everybody but there is no real way to do that when you can spend money on the game. Again rich and poor in the world.

Not if you have to be in an alliance 30 days per and post trade. 60 days total.

I see greed here. After all it is an extra hero or item you don’t need. So why trade it for something else you don’t need. I have 16 4* hero’s at 3\60. I would not trade 1 of those for one that has not been leveled. I would trade 2 for a 5* of my choice. Leveling is not cheap. Again should be up to the owner what they want to trade for. Let the Ayers deal it out.

They charge too much already in most cases someone has already paid for the gems no reason to give SG another way to milk us

wonderful idea of trading between Alliance members. it often happens that one is a lot of traps, but not enough of the ball, the other Vice versa. The possibility of exchange/trade would allow the Alliance to grow

I’m against this, because I did not want to play a trading game. Trading if implemented, would necessarily be a major part of the game and likely crucial to succeed. I like the idea of getting more stuff and getting rid or getting value for unneeded asc items, but I hope this will never be implemented.

I am for the implementation of the concept of free exchange of resources/and maybe even heroes only within their Alliance only on condition of being in the Alliance for over a month. thus, the risk of trading on the side is minimized

Everyone has already felt the deception of getting a good hero 4* or 5* , you already have upgraded, so you own two or three identical heroes…
It should be possible to exchange:

  • Heroes
  • Ascension items
    between two members of the same alliance.
    This would open new opportunities and renewed interest for collectors and improve the benefits of being integrated in an alliance.

don’t you people realize that allience trading would only increase the top players chances of getting g bigger to unreachable level.
The abuse behind this is so large it’s incomprehensible.

If SG implement which They never will would completely destroy this game and make it 100% p2w as the trading between own accounts would multiply 10 fold as everyone would open multiple account and keep them within 1 allience.

Totally rediculous request and those of you who keep insisting have no idea what your saying or the consequences of your actions in the long run.

Do it and 3 to 6 months down the track this game is dead.


In my case it’s because I don’t mind the top 100 players. To me the game is to get the max I can out of what I can get within my budget.

I know I’ll never have a team of top rated fully ascended 5* HotM (or event heroes) and, to me, trading (even if it was just materials) would be a way to improve.

Will the top 100 improve as well? Sure! But, at least, I’ll have more opportunities to get better and (possibly) getting closer the top.

BTW, the suggestion is to introduce conditions like trading within alliance members only material got in events, not a free-for-all trading. Of course it must be designed properly.

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