[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

While the SE is wildly appreciated and anticipated, there is still an opportunity to continue the sustainment train.

That opportunity lies within an alliance trading mechanism that allows alliance members with a 6 month or better criteria, to trade ONCE per calendar year.

There is virtually no loss as the 365 day cool down will still lead to P2P and C2P pulling in various portals.

This keeps the game going and is a win for f2p through P2p

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I have thought about this solution too and I believe it’s a very good compromise for SG and the players. However with the current rate of hero release and the power creep, once a year might be not enough.
Still, the most important issue is to open the door of this topic to SG, because so far it has been an absolute no, and not even willing to consider any idea or solution


While multiple times per year would be ideal, I think starting from the bottom at 1, would be the best try at implementation.

Think be great idea to have an alliance store where members earn points in titan n wars n certain alliance quest events …be made to team gold coins used to purchase alliance items like iron crates n food crates …emblems on alternate swing …n ascended materials like trap tools for epics n royal tabbards for legends … on swivel so never tell what in stock …til check … n have tab …for trading heros …
Say you have 2 neema ,.n teamie has 2 uthraggen s… 2 could swap neema for uth … it be nice …

I think this idea is very good, I asked about 5 years ago + something similar of course getting the standard saying would be unfair to others blablabla. I believe that more alliances would run well over the years. Doesn’t tell me anything about unfair again, today’s text shows how ■■■■■■■ we Zynga are and that means fair here he gets 5* Mats the other 4* crap for three broken heroes. Vote yes

The question you need to ask yourselves is…

Will this make Zynga significantly more money than it costs to implement ?

Yes : Might happen someday (but low priority vs other projects).
No : Not going to happen.



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If I can wantes the game to be over I’d vote this …