[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Are you smoking crack?!?!?!
Trading will get your alliance to win more wars, get you access to more resources so that you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time and a whole lotta money on. Play this game for 3 years like me, spend the money I spent and i still struggle for the simplest resources. No disrespect but you don’t know what you’re talking about. This game needs more of a community!!! What better way to encourage that by implementing the 1st language practiced by any society… TRADE!!!

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No, actually, she makes a good point.

Of course personally I would love to be able to trade and help my fellow alliance mates!

But I have played other MMOs with trading mechanics and they always have bad applies ruining the game economy for their own personal benefit. Always. Perhaps you underestimate just how selfish and exploitative people can be, especially when they stand to gain something from it.

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Explain how it could be a bad thing please.

Have you ever heard of “gold sellers”? In video games, I’m not talking about people who sell actual gold.

In video games, a “gold seller” is someone who sets up a game account with the explicit purpose of selling in-game currencies in exchange for real-world money. What they do is, they set up multiple “bot” accounts to farm for “gold” or other tradeable items in-game, then they spam chat with advertisements selling this stuff in exchange for real world money.

Not only are they taking money away from the actual game developers themselves, but they are also notorious for hacking peoples’ game accounts, stealing credit card numbers, filling chat with auto-generated spam messages over and over and over again ad infinitum, and also completely wrecking game economies and balance.

I know what you’re thinking, you can simply just block those people. Once they are identified, they usually get immediately removed. And yet they come back all the time with new auto generated accounts using different IP addresses.

Those are the worst case scenario. The second worst case scenarios are those who legally exploit the game’s economy by “buying up” say all the Tomes of Tactics from other players, then “reselling” them at twice their original offering price.

I know, you’re probably thinking, those issues don’t apply here, as we would simply be trading one item for another. And maybe we would limit it to just people in the same alliance.

I can virtually guarantee you that people would start setting up “trading alliances” immediately after such a feature was released, and many of them would try to turn them into real money exchanges.

You might say, “that doesn’t affect me, my alliance wouldn’t do that…” And you’re probably right! Most players would probably use it the way it was intended. But what about people with alt accounts? What’s to stop me from having 5 alts and giving myself 6 tonics every time Shrikewood pops? This might not hurt you personally, definitely wouldn’t hurt me, but it would definitely make SG less than happy. So what then? Go out and delete all alt accounts to prevent that from happening? That could get more touchy than TellyVelaNerfGate.

Youre explaining something to deep for the average player which probably wouldnt do such things. These developers are smart. They can figure a way to where everything could be trustless. And I know it works because I play a game that offers trades within your own alliance and I play that more than E&P now. Ultimately this game is a cash and time guzzler for achievements you are trying to accomplish within your own heroes. I literally have to wait a whole year (sometimes more) to get enough ascension materials to upgrade a 5* hero. Been playing the game for over 3 years and I have only 6 fully upgraded 5* heroes including emblems. Guess how much money I spent on most of it.??.
Trading is a necessity because when i’m online rarely others are on to msg because its not a community built game, no matter how big your alliance. People jump on just to do their routine of quest if they are important, Raids if they care, which most aren’t good enough to maintain diamond level. ■■■■ my team is level 4608 and I cant even maintain diamond unless I run through raids, and Titans and war. I dont even care about the map stages. They dont give any necessary resources. So again, I would rather trade a ascension material i dont need to someone who needs it and vice versa. I dont care about what someone else is doing with their characters. I care about upgrading my characters!!!

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Believe me, I fully empathize with you there. I’ve been playing 2 and a half years myself, and I have shortages of some items and overages of other items, and several teammates who have overages of the items I need and shortages on items that I have surplus on. I would LOVE to be able to trade stuff back and forth between them! It would benefit probably everyone in my alliance if we could do so.

But just because you and I wouldn’t abuse this system, doesn’t mean that nobody else would. The amount of money that this game takes in from players every year? Scammers would be lining up by the thousands to get a taste of that action, if they could.

And even if SG could find a way to prevent them from doing so? You and I both know that SG would lose “potential profits” if we were able to trade with each other. So whether we as players want it or not, it will never happen.

Bro, why are you worried about the scammers?
Thats the world we live in naturally.
You might not sell drugs
There is someone out there that does.
You might like chocolate ice cream
There is someone out there that doesnt.
You cant control other people.
If someone wants to waste their time on this game trading resources, let them. They obviously have nothing better to do, and if its gonna help me get the resources I need, well im for it.
You’re telling me you rather wait months on months to upgrade a single character because of possibility might arise? People lay off the drugs!!!
Their are bad people in real life does that stop you from going to work?

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They were mostly just annoying because they spammed chat all the time, and ruined the game economy for legitimate traders. And everyone who got ripped off by them were calling in to game support and wasting all of their time, preventing them from doing their regular jobs of helping honest players with legitimate issues.

There is a ripple effect when people abuse stuff. Like when people in this game exploited the Morlovia quests (I believe that’s what it was). It gave them all an in-game advantage over those who didn’t. Saddest part was that many of those who exploited it were players who were already heavily P2W. As if they didn’t have enough advantages already???

But overall, yes, practically everyone in my alliance would greatly benefit from a trading system. Which is exactly why it will never happen. Because SG does not allow freebies.


What does SG Mean???
If they could make a trade lobby where you submit a request of what you need and what your willing to trade for it, wouldnt that be simple enough???

SG. Small Giant. They are the company that originally created this game. They have since been bought out by Zynga, another “game” company, but they still operate the game under the SG staff and logo.

And the main reason why they will never allow a trading lobby like that is because if they allowed players to trade items with each other, those players wouldn’t have to spend money to get those items.

I’m definitely not a new chip on the block, I’ve played this game for a couple of years as well, and it’s a known fact that I was a complete whale for a year and a half straight, so yeah my response still stands.

Yes, yes, and yes please. Within the alliance.

What else is left for Top Tier players like myself? You fight to build a great team and leave. Thats what everybody ends up doing. Facts

Oh Great Creators !

We, the E&P faithful, beseech you to give us a way to trade materials within our alliance or I saw a tremendous idea to create a trading post within the stronghold. With the latter, you could expand 20 levels without having to give up iron or food storage. I have a TON of common and uncommon materials and battle items that I will never use up (>8,000 practice swords and many other items literally by the thousands). We need a way to give newer players the resources they need to grow and a way to keep play interesting for us more seasoned players. When leveling 5-star heroes to top tier, it can be very discouraging when it takes 18 months to get enough poison darts or farsight telescopes.

Second wish: for Seasonal event summons, please offer just the seasonal heroes or seasonal heroes from last year’s event. Looking to draw seasonal hero just two days ago and in three attempts to get a seasonal 5-star hero, I got three lame season one three star heroes. Same for Ninja Tower, Underwild, and any other event. It really makes my just want to hang this game up and go play solitaire.

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Trading would be seen as usefull to most (if not all) of the players.

There are free video games in console, that have purchase and trade within the game. Still, they manage to grow in customer maintenance and make profit. Warframe is a good example of that.

But, SG doesn’t seem to listen to their players.

Maybe they could develop some feature that would make us a little bit hapier…

I hope that it will form a store for exchange between the members of the coalition and you can put on the exchange process fees for jewels, for example

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