[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Oh absolutely, for a Hel or Ursena or something… heck yes that would be worth it.

My alliance is mostly F2P though, so I doubt any of us have duplicate A+ heroes laying around gathering dust.

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We are a mix of P2P, C2P and F2P. Some of us still need Marjana or Magni or Lianna, but I get your point. Those folks probably wouldn’t have 3000 gems lying around. Takes a while to accumulate that as a F2P player.

My girlfriend and I are / were C2P, a couple others spent small amounts here and there, and we do have a couple of members who spent considerably more… but overall, when I think of trading, I’m thinking more along the lines of

  • my TC20 just gave me another duplicate Richard, any of you need a Richard?
  • [member X] didn’t you say you were out of antidotes? I have 500 - here, you can have 50 of mine
  • [member Y] you need trap tools, I need sturdy shields. Care to make a trade?

Small fries type trades. Nothing that I’d spend $30 for.

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Gotcha…maybe a sliding scale of gems for things like that. Was just spitballin’.

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Was a good idea for sure, but c’mon, you know SG isn’t going to let players trade A+ heroes with each other for the low cost of 3000 gems. Not when each of those heroes have a retail value well into the thousands of dollar range.

I wish I could find the link… I read an op-ed a few months back about Zynga’s business model, and how they essentially milk lots of money out of the games they buy (but then end up losing players over time, because they themselves admit they don’t put much focus on QoL improvements, one of their own executives even said “enhancing QoL has never been our main focus, but perhaps that’s something we should look forward to testing in the future to help with player retention”)

Anyway… I digress. The part about the article that really struck me was when they described Zynga’s essential blueprint. It read something like this:

In X game, there are certain buildings you need to construct in order to be successful. These buildings require 10 different items in order to build. Some players will buy all of those items on day one. But others will just play the game and try to accumulate them for free through gameplay. Zynga knows this, and so they will let players get 9/10 of those items through gameplay. But the 10th item will be seemingly unobtainable unless the player pays for it. They have done extensive psychological studies that have proven that a player is far more likely to spend when they only need one last piece to complete a project they have spent many months or more working on. Zynga takes full advantage of this fact by giving their free players just enough to hook them, before dangling that final carrot in front of them in exchange for a real money purchase. Of course, since they are using the gacha model, there is no guarantee that the player will ever actually get that item, but they will continue to spend and spend and spend until they do.

The ability to trade items between different people and make value of items different so for instance if I want a warm cape I could give up a pair of gloves and 10,000 iron in 10,000 food but just that’s a good an example it would more or likely be a form of trade that can be done within a group or clan that you are already in and have been in for at least a 30-day period or more but something similar to that I’m just thinking outside of the box in the situation of using that as a way to help clan members help other clan members grow the clan

I linked one of many threads on trading


Let me act as Nostradamus for a bit… I am predicting a 5-letter word starting with “M” and ending with “E”.

M - E - R - G - E.


I think trade hero option Between players must need. As one may have fer 5 star hero, then how he continue to compete with others. Sometime he may discontinue with discourage for not having power hero.

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Waiting to see what SG is planning, i wonder if some of the ideas they have revolve around opening a trade channel within the alliance. It would be so nice to trade a hero or an ascension material, within a time window, with a fellow player. Most of my allies need materials that i have stocked over 3 years, and yet, i have no chance to use. Maybe in, as we say in Portugal, when chicken have teeth.

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Agree with you. Even many players with 3+ years quit the game because of this and other issues.

I can see it working between alliance players if there’s a gem trading system involved. For example, trading a 5* hero for a 5* hero would cost 5000 gems. Now trading 3* and 4* heroes could be much cheapier, like 350 gems for 3* and 1000 for 4* heroes.

Resources and ascension materials trading would be nice too.

We could argue this would be unfair but I bet some would pay for it. I see no other way of Small Giants implement this, they must win something from trades.

This thread is 3 years old. You know that trading will never happen unless it involves 100bucks per hero …

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I am totally against this idea, that would make the same person open multiple accounts and manipulate the formation of heroes

Agreed, this and several other reasons why it won’t ever (and maybe probably shouldn’t ever) happen.

However… that being said… it shouldn’t have to happen, and wouldn’t have to happen, if they just improved summons and loot distribution tables outright. See: the many other threads RE: duplicate heroes, players pulling dozens of compasses but no fine gloves while other players pull dozens of fine gloves but no compasses, etc.

The solution should not be to force players to have to trade with each other for the items they need. They should just give us more viable means to earn those items on our own, without being always held at the mercy of RNG, or being told “oh you need 4 more telescopes? Don’t worry, I think there’s a quest coming soon in the next couple of months or so where you will be able to get 1 of them guaranteed”

Yeah so where da hell am I supposed to get the other 3???

“Pray to RNGesus to show mercy on you. Either that or buy those $100 packs that have unfarmable mats in them.”

Is it expected that players will be able to exchange items for rebirth among themselves? At least within the Alliance? I really want to see it in the game

Trading has been explicitly ruled out.

The only vaguely similar mechanism is exchanging heroes or items within Hero Academy or Alchemy Lab.

  • 1st is my response/explanation of why trading is most likely never going to happen.

  • 2nd is my suggestion for something that SG could ‘hopefully’ consider instead.

1 - The problem (for SG) with the concept of trading is that it will reduce profits (quite significantly in fact) and what business owner in their right mind would do that? Even if it was limited to inter-Alliance trading only, what’s to stop someone from Alliance hopping to find someone who has what they want and are willing to trade for it? So many people, instead of paying for the gems/currency to chase the heroes they want, would just shop for players who already have them, which, would end up causing a very noticeable reduction to annual revenue. So, in a P2W type game like this, that is most likely never going to happen. edit: apparently, per the above moderator post that was posted while I was writing this, it has been confirmed that it will never happen

2 - On the other hand, what would be a very welcomed and reasonable alternative, would be some way to work toward getting a specific hero as opposed to just blind luck. Yes, blind luck generates revenue, but at the same time, blind luck scares away more money-conservative people from spending at all, because of the high chance risk of not getting what they want. However, those very same people (and potentially even more) would be much more willing to spend their hard earned money when they know that their money will ultimately guarantee them what they want.

And neither of them need to be mutually exclusive, you can offer both…E.g.; Where a player can choose either a cheaper amount for ‘chance’ aka: spending the usual 300 gems (or whatever currency) for a 1-1.5% chance of getting 1 of the, lets say 5, legendary heroes of a particular event…


They can choose instead to opt for spending the same required currency for a 100% chance (guarantee) for a legendary item that once the player collects enough of, can then turn them in to purchase any one specific legendary hero and the amounts required would correlate to the rarity of the hero (less for a 3* and more for a 5*).

All with the total cost of the required number of items needed to purchase the heroes equating to a value between the price of the best and worst chances using the blind luck option, that way the more thrill-seeker type players who like to gamble have the choice to choose the riskier option (where they could very well land the hero they want on the very first try if they are incredibly lucky and spend very little or where they could end up being very unlucky and spending stupid amounts before they get what they want), while the more money-conservative/sensible type players who don’t like to gamble, but are willing to spend a little more than a lucky player using chance, but probably less than an unlucky player
using chance, have an option for them as well.

Having both options would generate more revenue as you would no longer be alienating the % of the player base who doesn’t like to gamble with their money.

You could maybe also add some type of in-game quests where players who don’t have the money to throw down at all, can still slowly accumulate items to put toward an eventual purchase, in the same way that you do now with other events and related currencies (e.g.; similar to how you can pay $3 for 100 Valhalla coins, or complete 33 quests which offer 3 coins each to build up almost the same amount).

What do you think SG?

Use a blockchain to turn heroes into non fungible tokens. You the creators of the game are greedy by not letting us trade or sell hero assets that actually belong to the gamers. We pay a lot of money for the resources and sometimes for the heroes themselves. You would actually be doing yourselves a service by adding a trade/sells lobby because you would keep the interest of old players and more people would be online just on the premise of trading resources. You can easily create a lobby for trade and take a percentage for the courtesy. If you don’t get what I’m saying. Read this feedback again. Think big for Christ sake, change the game industry and be leaders not followers. Decentralization is coming and the game that puts this utility to use will be Icons and pioneers. You’re Welcome!!!

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