[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!


If you are going to allow trading please look into NFT’s to do so. That would be amazing

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It will be nice trading in game, just creat a room in shop for plyrs who want a trade heroes or items , and SG as mediation can get there profit , wht am I going to do with 9 Clarissa or 6 Bertila ? HA to be honest is NoT giving me a good results, looks like a waste to me , at least trading might help others also good for SG to gain more profits throw it , cost us up 1000 Gems per trade for a heroe exchange , 400 gems for 4* items


Trading with alliance members would be amazing. But I also know that SG needs something out of it; what are the benefits for SG? So what if it cost 100+ gems along with resources to trade a hero or items? OR perhaps you have to buy an exchange token to trade, which will cost gems. And you can only trade 1 or 2 per month? Of course, you can only trade with alliance members, and maybe you need to be in the alliance for 30 days or something.

Please allow this feature. Trading heroes and such between alliance members is long overdue.

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Bwnce ıttıfak ıcı kahraman ve itemler takas edılebılmelı ve oyun 4cu yılında ben hwralde 3 cu yılın ıcındeyım cekılıslerde yanı ozel 5* lı heroları bır turlu kazanamadım sansızlık belkı fakat nerdeyse herkeste bırden mıllet bunları alıp fullemıs goruyorum hakkını yemeyım ıkı kere ayın kahramanını bonus olarak verdı ve normal sezon kahramanlarının bırı harıc hepsı mevcut yanı 3/4/5* tum koleksıyon mevcut sadece kırmızı 5* hero harıc oda cıkar yakında uretımde …yanı o ozel etkınlık5* karakterlere normal karakterlerle savasıp daha yukarı cıkmak ımkansız level en son kac bılmıyorum fakat yıl sonu muhtemel 84 olurum gıbı tskkurler

In my opinion I see too many problems when exchanging heroes, it is true that in the head of each one it sounds very nice but it enters a dynamic in which the invocations lose interest immediately.
Who is going to make an investment of 3000 gems to get a 5 * hero when he only has to exchange him for another? Let’s be reasonable.
There is no reason to invest.
So what do we pay 3,000 gems for an exchange?
Then another inconvenience that occurs to me, most alliance players know the heroes and their characteristics, what will happen when most of them look for an Odin Frigg or BK? … not to mention Others … what happens when the smartest accumulate large amounts of those heroes because it is only a trade? Illegal trade begins and amounts of money are requested by a well-known payment system whose name begins with Pay and ends with Pal?.
Honestly in the mind of every honest player it is a beautiful formula.
In the mind of an experienced player it is a business.
I’m very sorry to be the one to say it.

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I think creating a swap system within Alliance members would be beneficial. Whether for Heroes/resources. I imagine a locker space where the items can be placed by 2 players. Each player needs to agree to the swap before items are moved.

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This is what I wanted to suggest long time ago when Hero Academy had been on test, maybe it’s a right time now :slight_smile:

Hero Academy. Add lvl 11 that gives hero trade option

*what can we trade? The list of heroes available for trading is the same that current version of lvl10 HA has: s1 heroes, old hotms, atlantis heroes and old event heroes.

*how does lvl11 look and work?

I suggest it as two “windows”:

  • 1 window. Choose one 5* hero for sale. Pick up a hero out of the list same as suggested for lvl10 HA (heroes that are not allowed for trading are locked up same as for tournaments). Cool down timer is applied for the hero picked up by you for sale - 24h. You can’t change the hero more then 3 times b4 the trade is complete.

  • 2 window. The list of the heroes your current alliance mates suggest for trade (29 suggestions maximum). Cool down timer 12 hours is applied for new alliance members, so they may see the alliance list of heroes available for trading after being the part of the alliance for 12+ hours.

*how often are we allowed to use lvl 11 of HA? Every player may use each window once per 3 months (or whatever). The second round of trade is possible only after both windows are used, but not earlier then in 3 months (just an example). The timer starts after the window is used (like the titan chest timer does when you leave an alliance).

*who is allowed to use lvl 11 of HA? Player has to be lvl 50+ (or whatever) to have access to the option. 2 particular players can’t interact with each other more then once per 6 months. I don’t suggest the criteria like “being the part of an alliance for 30-60-90 or whatever days” on purpose, because there are a lot of alliances that don’t mind mercing during their own titan passes)

*what are the prices?

  • window 1 is free

  • window 2 is !JUST AN EXAMPLE! 3k gems per trade (or whatever) . SG gets 50% commission (or whatever number suits you ). Seller gets the rest of the gems. Speaking about myself i’d be glad to get even 1k gems out of my dupe.

*why do we keep using summon gates after lvl11 release ? Reduced choice of heroes at lvl 11 prevents summon gates from getting unpopular as you still can’t get new heroes that way.

*what are the game balance’risks? I see no harm in using dupes and getting profit by players if the qtt of transactions is limited and time restrictions are applied.

Implementation of lvl11 gives a reason for using lvl10 of HA where you may get a dupe of a good hero you already have and sell it at lvl 11. I’m not saying that lvl10 HA is good as it is now , but the general idea , namely: retraining a useless 5* into a good 5* even tho it’s a dupe , - is good, just make it more oriented on multiple 5* usage at a time.

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I totally agree trading with ally members should be allowed! Mats of all kinds and even heros. KEY WORD TRADE. This won’t stop the money e&p is getting for 1 you can’t buy say rings from shops or anywhere else except that 1 deal thats like $30 that comes around every blue moon and at that u can only buy 1 of those deals. 2 If you spend money on the game ur still gonna do pulls to get the new heros and other heros you still don’t have. I’ve been playing for over 3 years now and I still don’t have a miki and my ally members don’t either but maybe 1 person sooo trading isn’t gonna stop me from doing pulls for new heros and heros I still don’t have and I want. So if members want to trade and they both go into a trading building they know its permanent. You could also set a limit like for example you have 3 trading tokens this week once used you can’t trade again tell next week. People that spend money on the game are gonna continue to spend well unless they stop playing altogether.


Got loads i don’t need and the one i do none of and never seems to be the quest one either…

The idea is to add to the Hero Academy a market place. In this market place you can place a hero on the market for either gems or another hero of the same level. for example

You could place say a SIF 5* 3-70 up for trade. In the trade screen you can ask for what you want in return. A list of 5* heros you can pick which ones you would accept as a trade for the hero. Also option how many gems you would want for the hero.

The trade system can place a minimum to help limit abuse. Meaning only a 5* can be traded for a 5*. The minimum gems for a 5* is 1500 gems. Once you put the hero on the market it leaves your available heros and it is available to anyone that is willing to pay what is asked.

There can be a “Tax” on the trade and a cost of say 100 gems to place the hero up for trade and 100 gems for the player accepting the trade. So in all a trade would cost 200 gems for each transaction.

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I’d like to see a feature for either trading or a auction house.

My Wife and I would like to trade some of our heroes with each other.We have been playing Empire’s and Puzzles for about 4 Years and put tons of $$$ into it almost daily.We have tons of duplicates.

I understand you wanna make money also.The main reason I’m guessing this hasn’t happened yet.

I’m thinking a feature like Selling your heroes for Gems to other players would be a good Idea.The game makes $$$ and players could gain more gems because we would have to buy gems to trade to other players.

Also a auction house same Idea just with other players around the world.

Or we could leave this feature strictly to alliance members only.

Please add a trading feature maybe like this to the game so me and my wife can enjoy the game even further.

Thank You for reading this post and taking this idea under consideration.

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Things like this have been asked for a long time. Unfortunately I doubt it will be implemented. The only way I could see this happening would be the auction house method where you “pay” with gems and SG takes a large portion of the “profit”.

Even with that, this still probably won’t happen because SG gets far more money from people chasing a particular hero than it would ever make with an Auction house.

We can all dream though.


The idea has been proposed many times before, yet it hasn’t happened for exactly the reason you mentioned: money.

And also the ability for people to possibly exploit it.

I know it sounds like a great idea, and my alliance would benefit greatly if we were able to do it, but SG knows that if the player base was able to fulfill each other’s item needs, there would be less player purchases overall. That’s just a fact.

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Forget. SGG/Zynga will never do it for free because they sell it.

Make it the cost of an event 10-pull. 3000 gems. Have it be a quarterly event or something. Each player gets exactly 1 flag/coin/whatever that they can cash in with a similar star hero + the flag/coin + 3000 gems to trade to an alliance mate. Lianna + event flag/coin + 3000 gems for an Evelyn that an alliance mate has, for example. Or just skip adding a hero and make it the event flag/coin + 3000 gems straight up. Maybe have the cost and flag usage for both sides of the trade so you don’t have one whale in your alliance trading away 29 dupes in that period. You would have to REALLY want to help your alliance mate if if is going to cost you 3000 gems.

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Would not be worth it at all for 3000 gems.

I was mostly talking about giving an alliance mate a couple of trap tools, or a few dozen antidotes, or a duplicate TC20 Richard or something. For 3000 gems, they could just buy that stuff for themselves.

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For 3000 gems you could buy yourself a CHANCE at a hero you really want. ButI we all know the poor odds of that. Would I spend 3000 gems for an alliance mate’s dupe of let’s say…Ursena or Hel or Panther or any of the heroes on my short wish list? I sure as hell would. Would a bunch of people in my alliance pay 3000 gems for my dupe copies of Gefjon or Bera or Killhare? They sure as hell would.

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