[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Is it possible to have an option to trade a hero to lower star hero from same event or same season. Trade 5* hero for 4* or trade 4* hero to 3* from same event or same season.

For example trade 4* Carol from Santa challenge to 3* Rudolph from same event.

It may seem counter productive but I see this game as a card collecting game. I would rather have variety of hero’s rather than high level multiple of same hero.

I think I would add to my suggestion something like,

A member would have to be at level 40 or 50 before they can trade.

In all honestly this topic is about swapping duplicate heroes and making use of unwanted or excess items and not making it easy for a beginner to get higher or stronger heroes faster thus I feel by the time a player reaches either of these levels they are somewhat well of having unnecessary duplicates or excess material that could honestly be swapped in a fair exchange between them.

I do agree that any swap could/should cost gems but not sure if 3000 or 1000 would be playing fair, something like 350 to 500 would sound much more reasonable and in keeping with a single summons.

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It would be great to be able to trade, sell or swap heroes with other players and/or alliance members

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