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Well you’re tryin pretty hard to kill it…

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I know this how been brought up time and time again, please read this with an open mind.

I’ll open saying we all have that 5* hero that is evading us, no matter how many tries for him/her your not gonna get em. Totally been there and still there so I open my idea of selling a hero to a fellow alliance member. Below is the basic concept and I’ll further explain my idea.

-The trade/summon cost (300 gems as an idea)
-An agreement between the buyer and the seller of which hero is to be sold in game.
-Certain rules preventing Alliance hoppers just buying 5* war teams.

The Seller of the hero should be able to agree in game, with the buyer so the buyer knows that they are going to receive the hero they want and not an Aife as a really messed up prank. And in this idea, instead of the seller receiving the gems, the gems are simply sent back to the game like it would with a normal summon. SG would still make their money, gems have to be acquired in order to make the trade. As for rules, let’s say, must be a certain level, have been in the alliance 100 days, and maybe even, can only sell/buy 1 hero every month. The hero will be received as a Lvl 1, completely unleveled, even if it was sold at 4/80, 4/70, 3/50 and so on.

This perspective still leaves room for doing a ton of Summons. I have 2 Mikis I dont necessarily need…and I have a lvl 37 in my Alliance who is free to play and has 0 5* heros…I can sell him 1, and for 30 days neither of us can buy or sell another hero from members. Only summons.

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I would love a way to share, swap/trade, gift or sell heroes with our alliance teammates. I know I am further along than a few teammates and I have many ‘duplicate’ heroes I would love to gift, trade etc. It would those players ergo help our alliance team. I also wish the special/event summons had better odds of getting 4 & 5* heroes with much less chance of getting the same heroes in daily & epic hero summons. It wouldn’t ‘hurt’ as much when I have to spend my gems! lol. I also wish there was an ‘elite’ or ‘platinum’ membership where we could get a 3rd builder, more gems & loot tickets, and special ‘platinum’ hero summons daily.

This is a long thread, so I may have duplicated answers here. My two cents is you should not be allowed to trade heroes but, if you have been in an alliance for a steady length of time, you should be allowed to trade ascension items, battle items and crafting items. 1000000 food and 1000000 iron for a 4* , 500000 of each for a 3* and, well, there’s no point in trading for a 2* ; just play the game! :wink:
What drives me to this position is we are close to losing a good player for want of darts. He’s been waiting for enough darts for close to a year. Meantime I have 12 darts and no yellow 5* heroes upon which to spend them. I would gladly trade him a dart a week for a lesser item (or a tabard, but if he needs them, too, I’ll wait), six times, at 1000000 food and iron per week, EACH. Weekly trades. Only one item. Only items, not heroes, and you have to have been in the alliance for a good while. This actually won’t work well for me because I am in the habit of visiting another alliance, so I will lose the trading right for a bit.
I think this could work. Several people have suggested trading heroes is going too far. I, now, agree with them; trading heroes is going too far.
Well, that’s my two cents and apologies if I duplicated anyone else’s two cents.

This has probably been suggested in the past but after seeing members in my alliance desperate for certain ascension items that I have and don’t yet need I thought that it might be a good idea to be able to trade items within your own alliance?

Or even perhaps set up a marketplace where all players could make offers or requests?

I know a lot of people pay to play and I don’t think this would change that but it could be a way to assist lower down players who love the game but can’t afford to spend gems on a random spin for the chance of getting 1 item they need and never getting it.

All opinions welcome :wink:

The devs answer to this request was the alchemy lab.

Basically sayin
“Here’s a way to trade with the game as requested by players. Get ripped off and enjoy!! Just a token of how much we value the feedback and continued support of our loyal playerbase!”

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