[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

I agree with you about the members in our alliance , if I could just give Them the things they need so that our alliance Can be stronger.

My main concern are those with multiple profile Will advantage most from it.

I Think it Will be good for every body if you Can finde a solution to help

Hent Outlook til iOS

Thank you so much for the idea of multiple account. I must do the same to get a better alliance​:grin::grin::grin:

Hent Outlook til iOS

Trade between players it would be grate if it could be able to be done as long as after specific time (like e.g. 180 days) in the Alliance co-players could be able to share Heroes.
That would also create stronger bond between Alliances / players.

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I want to quote this here, because I think this makes a lot of sense to have hero to hero trading.

Grypho compares Pokemon GO trading, and how E&P could make direct player trading work in this game by borrowing ideas from that game:

I guess that the multi-accounting problem is the main show-stopper for this beautiful idea.

I just wanted to suggest adding a price (in gems) for the trading operation, and then I found this great post from @Scarecrow with even more brilliant ideas of how to minimize risks of multi-account resources transfer:

I found this post so much valuable that it worth bumping it up :slight_smile:
Especially the idea of earnable trading tokens.


Not to be an ■■■. but if you strip down a hero, does the person get his or her food and ascession Matt’s back? If not you are the same thing as stealing from the players and getting double the take on each hero. That is not right. So trading the hero as is would only be fair if the Matt’s and food it took to get that hero there. Otherwise everybody that trades hero’s is loosing Matt’s and food for only you to get it back again.

If we can trade what difference would it make if we trade with other people or trade within our own accounts?

Is not this game already expensive enough? Advanced buildings take 95% of food or iron balance. Then a long wait to get finished. I believe it is time to give your players a break. You are pushing people away from the game daily. I mean a 5* hero is a 1% chance to get. Why not give us a break and make it 2.5% and 3% in tc20. 275000 in food and 100 recuits is a bit steep for 98% 3*. In almost a year I have gotten 7 5* 4 dups. So 3 5* I did not have. Around 11 4* and about 125 3*. A little one sided I would say. 3* are no good in season 2. Absolutely useless. So season 3 would mean (at this rate) would be 5* only that could get through it. And a 1% chance and 1.5% in tc20 and worst is .5% for event hero’s. The players need a break. We are not banks.

I started playing E&P a few months ago but As a fantasy football enthusiast, if there ever is trading, there needs to be safeguards. Like, no 1* or 2* for a 4* or 5*. Maybe multiple 3* and 4* for a 5*. Multiple 3* for a 4*. Maybe 5 gems per trade or 5 gems per hero traded? Or include food and iron in trades?
I feel like E&P can take some things from fantasy football, fantasy sports in general and combine some ideas with the game.

Eu acho que deveria ter jeito de trocar itens de ascenção de heróis entre membros de aliança

*Moderator translation:

I think there should be a way to trade hero ascension items between alliance members.*

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The trading Will be your choice nobody Will Force you or make the choice of which hero to Trade. The meaning in trading was to help your alliance member with an ICE or a fore hero which the need or really want in their team. For me it would be best if we could help each other in our own alliance by giving away , but people with multiple profile Will help themselves and abuse the game after my meaning

Android yes you can each needs to be linked to a separate Gmail account. Apple on the other hand sucks.

Nope never gonna happen. It’s like getting participation trophies for the lazy. Ya gotta work for it earn it. That’s the whole point if the game, not just getting free poo :poop: for showing up and doing nothing.

How about allowing alliance members to trade between each other. Add a trading Post and charge gems for each trade, allow
only hero’s to be traded to other alliance members . It would put more encentive to join an alliance and give players a way to rid themselves of doubles of one hero. The possibilities are endless. All sports trade talent it’s a very important part of the games. I know it would be very profitable and easier to implement if it’s hero’s instead of battle supplies or ascention items. It would give players a new way to bring new blood to their roster. Please consider my idea thank you, Tim

What about players 400 days plus into a alliance being able to trade accession item between each other. Long term members.

Let the leaders be in charge of trading. The final Yes or No. Also don’t allow trading until the alliance reaches a certain age like 100days n then have to buy into the trading center

Too much of an unfair advantage. Wait time should be much shorter. Like 30 days.

Yes thanks you this is what I’ve been saying you basically ruin the whole game with adding trading the point is to grind

It would be nice if we could exchange items to our alliance teammates

I think that the game needs something different that will revolutionize it and make it a little different from the copies that have emerged lately … such as Mythwars or Dragon Strike! I have been playing for a year and a half and during that time this game became very monotonous, without great news that will keep you wanting to continue playing it, and that is what everyone thinks of my alliance and also many other players that I have known … My idea to keep this game alive for much longer, would be the increase of a market where you could exchange heroes, itens or other things … it is true that the game could lose money with this, but Of course, it was necessary to do it in a very well thought out way, as for example, to have access to the exchange market it would be mandatory to buy a pass with a certain duration, or with a certain limitation of exchanges between players (ex: 1 market pass with duration of a week and with permission of 5 changes that could cost about € 5, a pass with a duration of one month, with a limit of 20 changes that could cost about € 20). I am sure that about 60% of all the players who play this game would buy this pass, and it would be a big money infection for the developers of the game … I think it is a good idea for the game, I hope you read all this and listen to me … I don’t want the Empires and Puzzles to die so soon !!

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