[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Yes this is great! A system within teams where you can trade equal value ascension items, troops and characters. Maybe even flasks and other various items!

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It would be great to have something where alliance members can donate items for other alliance members to use. Higher level alliance members can help the newer members. Also, high level members can share some items which are harder to come by. I think the items should be listed for all members. If an item is listed for 1 specific player to collect, then the favoritism could cause alliance issues. This would also help show the alliance if an individual is greedy or a team player. If you could have a listing to show what a player donated & what a player took from the inventory. Please consider this. My alliance has discussed this & we feel it would be a great opportunity for all alliances.

In addition, set a limit on total number of items that a player can take each day from the alliance, but no limits on which items may be taken. Have this reset each day.

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Sounds a bit like clash of clans…my wife plays that…I’m jealous they can donate items

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I haven’t played that game. I believe if we could donate items for other players within the alliance, we could help our lower level players build their teams & the higher level players could have a better chance at getting items to ascend high level heroes. It’s all about working together as a team & building a better alliance.

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Estaria muy bueno que se pudiera intercambiar materiales como heroes!ya que algunos le sobra y a otros le falta!

Another subject brought up by an alliance member was profit. They felt that the game developers would not be interested in allowing players to share items because players would not need to purchase chests to get items. Also people purchase gems to try to get high level heroes, so that would cut profits if heroes were exchanged. It’s all about the money in the end. If the developers would allow alliances to share a few items, even the basics, it would be a great opportunity for alliances.

A lot of people let the play because don’t have the thing he need… With time more people do the same…

this game would go to the gutters the minute that trading was introduced.

catering to players not wanting to do the work that other players have done for almost two years would destroy the whole economy here and lead the wrong kind of people preying on novice players, not to mention said players collecting heroes just to try and apply at larger alliances upon getting what they need and so on.

you need an honest community and fair understanding to implement trading and with all the uproar we have just from people not even willing to spend for v.i.p. totally against player trading.

I help players in all kinds of ways but I work hard for my roster I dont see why other people should be able to circumvent the work I put in for almost a year now just cause they dont want to.

sorry if I had to work for it so do you. there are buildings they could make to get rid of duplicate items/heroes for a fee say 100 gems for 3* 200 gems for 4* 500 gems for 5* this would be fair and give people a fair unabuseable way to not feel so bad when pulling there third kadilen or elkanen knowing they will get value back and a chance to roll again would way better than any trading implemented would. if you think the whales have a lead now ■■■ you think would happen if they could all trade. get out of here with this nonsense.

DoctorStrange, that’s a good idea to be able to use your resources to have a better chance at getting high level heroes. I don’t agree with exchanging heroes. I’ve worked hard for the heroes I have. I’ve been playing this game well over a year now and I have thousands of items in my inventory that I’ll never use. I’d like to share some basic items with other players that could use them.


Hello friends and fans of this game. The first I want to say sorry for my not perfect english. I decided to share with you trading system, where will be both sides like company also players happy and the game will not loose the right face. This system is not from my own mind but it is system what already working on one game what I played before. This trading system do not allowing sell or give something to the specific player.

  1. We need new currency. All things in the shop will be in internal currency. Lets make SGC (Small Giant Coins) 1SGC will value aproximately 1 EURO or Dollar does not matter. If you wanna buy something from the shop you must have enough SGC. You can buy them from Small Giant or you can sell something from your inventory.

  2. Let trade with fine gloves. I have many fine gloves so I can sell it and earn SGC and then I can buy something what I missing. I will place my gloves into shop for 5 SGC. If somebody will like it. He can buy it for 5 SGC. I will earn 4 SGC into my internal vallet because I must pay 20% fees for transaction.

  3. Lets buy something. I need Royal tabard. So If somebody selling royal tabard I can buy it for offered price or if the price is too high I can place order for royal tabard for price what I am willing to pay for it. Somebody can see my order and he can sell me it for my price.

  4. Rulles between sellers and buyers are simple. One side are selleres what selling something for specific price sorted from the cheapest price down to the highest price for the same item. Second side are the buyers what trying to buy something cheaper then is the cheapest offered price from buyers sorted from the highest offered price down to the lowest price. See picture (hope it is not against rules, if yes remove it pls)

Buyer cannot pay more than is the lowes offered price for specific item and seller cannot sell it cheaper then is the highest offered price from buyers. This way is prevented trading between specific players. So you cannot transfering something from secondary account to your main account because those rules do not alowing choosing specific player any way. All is in anonymity

  1. How many we can buy or sell in the store. I recommending strictly limit for transaction. All items have a stars so let say one player can buy or sell only items value altogether 20 stars per month. This way we can prevent to fill store with unatractive items like training manuals… If one player offering items with value 20 stars he cannot offer more. He must pull out something. Also buyer will choose items reasonably because he have also limit for buying. Limits can be separately for buying and selling.

  2. What we can buy/sell inside market. I recommending only ascension materials and ingredients all are in loot tab. I do not recommendig selling specific Hero or Troop. I can only agree with selling tokens. But better only loot items.

  3. What will be done this way? Free to play player what will never spend any money will have regular chance buy something for money of people who are willing spend something. All players will have chance earn items what they missing the most and they do not have chance to get them. Company will earning money because internal currency SGC must be buyed from their side if players wanna trading. This way we only changing who will pay it.

  4. For earned or bought SGC you can buy instead of items in market also gems and offered packets into game.

Thank you for your time. Lets make regular and etic trading in this game. Many players are frustrated because of missing tools


Oh I do like the limit on trading idea. Or maybe have a trading coin drop like the emblem drop. You can’t make a trade unless you have a trading coin.

When I read that I had to make account and answer this …
Well free players who don’t want (or simply can’t) spend money, they can’t buy “sgc” so they are out of trading with following your idea.

Nope! You can sell your items even you have 0 on your account. If you will sell something you will earn SGC. But somebody who do not have SGC must buy them if he wanna buy something from shop. You have item no money? Sell items and you will have money. You have money but no items buy them from the shop. Simply.

Add to this market the chance to trade ascension materials which we do not use , i got tons of training manuals , wooden shieilds or chainmail shirts , which i really dont think i will ever be able to finish them . Would of be nice for example if we trade a chainmail with a an adventurer’s kit . Basicly being able to trade everything we do not need and having a chance to get what we need. 4* ascending materials could be trade between alliance players , for example i got 13rings and no 5* red but in the other hand i got 3heroes of 5* purple on 3/70 and 0tabards , a ring for a tabard would be fair deal . Would make me able finish some 5s and have usefull teams for wars and not watching my 4 materials or my 5* heroes just laying there . Hope our word get heard in the near future . Cheers guys :blush:


I’d love to see this done like an alliance vault. Allow deposits by any member, matterials for sure, possibly ascension items, and maybe heroes. Withdrawal ability would be set to a certain rank within, with the lowest level not having the ability to do so, preventing people from alliance hopping to raid vaults.

It about trading heroes of equal value, Its not about trading a level 5 for a level 1. If you have multiple level 5 duplicates, and a person in you alliance has duplicates, we should be able to trade with one another.

why dont you people understand that top people have numerous duplicates that they could level to cap immediately upon receiving, scammers are now entered into the game, separate accounts to hoard heroes and items, no no and no, work for it like everyone else had too.

Hi keridoc, recently I open a new alliance and I know you know louds of ppl and I would like to help me to spread a word and maybe I can find some beginners or oldest ppl in the game who wants to join in my alliance to help grow up and been a friends. Nemessis is my alliance name and I looking forward to hearing from you. Tks

Recruiting is a tough road. Post in the forums, the sub-reddit and be active in AR chat.

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