[Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

Isn’t trading hero easily exploitable using multiple new account and summon hero with the free gem (new account get gem faster from missions, anyone remember the starting gem of new account?)?


I agree I think you should be able to trade within an Alliance, A 5* for a 5* and items for items.

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I like the idea but it should b a twice a year or maybe 3 possibly times where on a given weekend alliance teammates can trade items. It’s a nice way to say to the community that we appreciate u and hey u can make some improvements without spending tons of time or money. But it should b a rare event.

Now this sounds fair for the average player.

Here’s the deal. There are big money spenders that chase specific heroes and obtain large amounts of overlapping heroes. (Example: Trying to pull for Guin and getting 5 Arthurs in the process). So what does the player do? There is no possible way for that player to level all 5 of those heroes, and its very hard to just use them to feed another hero. So they sit on 4 of these heroes in hopes that someday they can get some type of value in return.

Offering player trading would solve this issue from a revenue stream this game makes the most on. If it isn’t solved quickly, more players will rage quit causing huge revenue loss.

I get that this can be abused, but this could easily be solved by making the trade cost a specific amount of gems from both parties trading. This will eliminate black market trading, IMO.


It will be great if inside an alliance you could exchange goods. If someone has lots of food and needs metal or people can exchange it with other members of the alliance.
The exchange rate will be fixed by Small Giant and there would be a player requesting it an if the other player accepts it is done.

is there any news about trade system?

I think some type of market system in game is needed for this game. Players would be able post duplicate heroes or unwanted heroes for gems,items,iron or hams.

Is there any particular reason why we can’t at least trade within our alliance? I, currently and in the past, have multiples of the same heroes. Don’t get me wrong! They’re great heroes, but I’d love to trade some of them for a 4-5 star hero that I really want! Help me out here… are there any cons to this scenario I’m unaware of?


I think it would be cool to trade heros with the alliance’s members.
What do u guys think?


Should this be merged with the other gazillion threads on this? @zephyr1

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Merged. :heart_decoration:

I know that I am probably beatting a dead horse. But it would be nice if you could gift or trade battle items and gems with your alliance members. Is there a way to do this?


Nononononononono. A thousand times NO! I have no interest in playing Empires & Chinesegoldfarmers.

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What about an Alliance vault, so that we can help within our own alliance?

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While I’m playing E&P, my wife and husband are playing Pokemon Go, and I am so jealous every time I hear them trading Pokemon with each other and with others. Why can’t we trade heroes with each other?

Best idea in my opinion would be that 2 players would enter into a negotiation. Each would put up 0 or more heroes for trade. They could then add or subtract heroes and exchange messages until agreement is reached. Then they would both have to confirm the final trade proposal. Once both have confirmed, the trade is completed. This means players would have total freedom to make any kind of hero trades and/or gifts they like.

I think heroes should keep whatever levels and talents they have when they’re traded. Someone did, after all, put resources into those levels already.

idea: hero exchange building (sorry for my English)
I propose to add a building in which it would be possible to exchange heroes for their equal. Profits: for example, I have three 5* heroes Justice, one I level up, and the other two I do not want to train. but I do not have any hero of nature or dark and I am ready to exchange.
in the exchange, I add the announcement of the exchange with my proposal (Justice). I also set my requirements: element and/or the name of the hero (Obakan or nature). another player (players) leaves his offer in my announcement. if i agree and confirm the deal then exchange takes place.
the exchange is possible only for equal heroes (the building can have three levels: 1st - exchange 3*, 2nd - 4*, 3rd - 5*) of 1st level (in shop will appear alchemy to reset levels)

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Great idea and every time someone brings this up I support it. I also think u could even control it without gems by having a once a month weekend or date that allows trading in alliances. Also the system should b set up to eliminate habitual trades back and forth to help for certain matchups and then return but however it happens it would b great!


What’s about the progress of this article ? It should not be only discuss. We have to push it to be real.

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